Perfect Match

Blake likes to sleep in on Saturday mornings. I just can’t. I think of my weekend minutes as precious moments I need to pack full of the things that make me the most happy. It’s not uncommon for me to sneak out of bed on a Saturday morning, grab a coffee, and hit up my regular thrifting spots all before the husband has opened more than one eye at a time. Probably with sleep still in my eyes I wait for a treasure to stare me in the face. To give life to something someone else gave up on. Really, what I find that morning might shape my entire weekend (ugh… this is how disasters start). Usually, I come back and quietly wake up the household. First I’ll show off what I found to the dogs because of course they greet me at the door like every day might be the day I walk in with a steak just for them. Finley is beyond thrilled for me every.single.time. Like I am the smartest and most creative thift shopper that there EVER WAS and whatever I bring in is the best and most exciting thing he has ever laid eyes on. Lola on the other hand stares me down and thinks so loudly I can almost hear her say “oh….i see you have returned…” before she saunters off to her cave (under the coffee table). You probably think I’m describing a cat don’t you? No. Lola is a dog. And don’t get me wrong…a SWEET dog. But she had a tragic first two years of life thanks to some degenerate who abused her and left her for dead and no amount of cuddling or treats (which she won’t even take from me) seems to make her feel any less like a prisoner. She’s certainly taken to Blake more than she has to me. Bless her heart.
This particular morning’s treasure hunt yielded an old beer tap. I had seen this one before but was more than I was willing to pay. It was my lucky day because the seller had slashed through the price and marked it 50% off. Sold.


I ambled around the house sticking the tap on random things trying to decide where she should land. It had a place in the bottom to where it could be screwed onto something so I narrowed my search to something that already had a screw in it and was vertical. How many places can you think of? Not many. After what seemed like the most ridiculous search ever I finally realized this thing would screw right into the top of our bland paper towel holder. Perrrrfecccttttttt.


And they lived happily ever after!


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