Upstairs Bathroom Renovation/Addition Part 2:

Electrical problem from yesterday has been resolved thank goodness! Our Christmas guests would have been getting the candle light experience if not.

We wanted to share the rest of our bathroom renovation story (condensed version). There are so many things that will probably end up getting their own post eventually but here is the quick and dirty.

We put the flooring down as soon as the drywall was complete because we wanted the toilet and vanity to sit on top of tile as opposed to putting the tile down around it. I also chose to lay these on a diagonal. I don’t know if that’s a thing or not but for some reason I had it in my head that oversized tile laid on a diagonal can make a small space look bigger? Sometimes I make rules up. We chose to use stick on linoleum tiles. That might make a few of you cringe but trust me when I say every person who has walked in the bathroom has actually bent over to touch them when we tell them. The reasons for us were a) it’s cost effective b)they are warmer c) super easy install We purchased the oversized version for about $2 a tile. All you do is prime the floor and stick them down and they can be cut easily with a utility knife.

Note: For the best results go through your pack and make piles of the different patterns. Not all tiles are the same. We used about 45 tiles so I had probably 5 stacks of the different patterns. We put all of these down without the sticking backing off so we could make sure the “grain” flowed across the floor. We also chose to put spacers in between the tiles and use white grout to give it a better look. Once we finished and let the grout dry for a solid couple of days we put carpenter paper over everything for the remainder of the project just to protect.

Next up was paint. I’ll eventually do a post on all the times I’ve messed up a paint color. It happens and it’s not fun but I believe it’s better to just get it right than to live with something that grates your nerves. I blame this screw up on the end of daylight savings time. I hadn’t seen the inside of my house in daylight in weeks due to work so I had no choice but to paint at night. Painting at night in a bathroom that is not yet wired for lighting (so I’m relying on the hallway light) equals me painting a room baby pink while thinking it’s this nice neutral tan color. Yikes. I redid everything the next day and we settled on a color called “secret passage” by Valspar. We LOVE it. If you are looking for a gray with blue undertones this comes highly recommended by us.


The final step in our process was trim. We invited the carpenter back over for a lesson in trim work. This guy is amazing when it comes to figuring out what to do with awkward spots. The trim really made everything feel real. This was the first night that Blake and I really just stared in awe at this bathroom we had essentially put together with our bare hands. I was a proud mama.

Here is our shower–this thing made me NERVOUS before it went in. This bathroom was on the second floor and had to come through a small door frame to even get up the stairs so we had no choice but to go with the 5 piece tub surround. We weren’t about to break out a window and hire a crane to drop in a 1 piece and I’m saving my tile work for the master bath!

This pocket door was actually an original door from the house that Blake hung and added hardware too. We will post about how he filled the old door knob hole and added new hardware when we do the post on pocket doors.

I had to do a little convincing to get this light fixture in. It’s the first thing you see when you come up the stairs and see the bathroom so obviously we need to put our best foot forward right? right. And obviously that means we are going to use a vintage thomas edison i’m not sure the real name cool lightbulb right? right. aka the most inefficient lightbulb around. sigh. At $8 a bulb Blake was not sold on the practicality of this. I reminded him how cost effective I had been picking out all other items. ladies and gentlemen I know when to pick a battle and when it comes to lighting I choose beauty over practicality always. fact of life=LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO WALK AROUND IN BAD LIGHTING. other fact of life= life is DEFINITELY too short to walk around NAKED (this is a bathroom!) in bad lighting. can I get an amen from all the ladies? AMEN.

This is a view from the vanity looking through the pocket door into the shower/toilet area.

Note about myself: I will merchandise a brick wall. Seriously it’s an addiction. I’ll post more later about how I organize/set up everything I own like it’s in a store.

Another personal touch is the quilt rack we use to hold guest towels. This was my grandmothers and I love that it’s being used in our home.
Adding artwork to a bathroom is a must for me. It always seems to be the forgotten room when it comes to art. We chose to hang this print from our wedding that’s done in sepia tones because it tied in nicely with some of the brown.

It’s hard to believe looking back but the vanity mirrors are the first thing that was purchased for the bathroom. It’s hard to tell from this photo but they are sort of like that old barn wood you see? They have this gray brown tint wooden frame. They really directed the entire design scheme. We picked those up at Marshall’s home goods for about $18 a pop! Then we found the sconces on the lowes website for a whopping $11 each. They are seriously my favorite thing about the room.

And don’t mind that shaky looking ground in this panoramic shot below…that’s just us trying to figure out how to use that feature on the iphone. We promise our floor isn’t THAT uneven.


Seeing the design and the visions in our minds come together has been extremely rewarding. It definitely gives momentum to keep going!

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    • numbers and nails says:

      Thanks Marilyn! We picked up the sinks at Lowe’s and just bought the most shallow ones we could find. We wanted to be able to still use most of the storage in the sideboard. We’ve found that with taller faucets the sinks don’t really feel shallow.

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