Merging the Mr. and the Mrs.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! We had a great weekend with family and friends! I love our friends and our family. As my mom and my second mom always used to say “count your blessings”. We have done a lot of that lately.

I want to share a project we completed a while back but it never gets old for us. When Blake and I got engaged it was just an unspoken agreement that we would take his bed. He had a king bed which was the greatest thing I had ever discovered aside from DVR and cheesecake. Anyways, I’m afraid of bugs. Like, I am afraid to the point where I can’t even kill them so I trap them under cups and leave them for the next person with a sign that says “kill this”. No but really. We got engaged in the summer and I immediately began planning just how we would merge our belongings. Naturally I inspected his mattress one day. (The week before I had audited a pest control company and gotten an ear full about bed bugs so I’m terrified and think they are everywhere. unrealistic fear #1). So here I am inspecting. First, the tag. it’s OLD. ok I can’t deal. Secondly, this thing had a cigarette burn in the side. WHAT THE??! Blake does not smoke so then I’m all inquiring as to where this mattress came from right? He says he isn’t positive and the burn was there when he got it. That was it. This thing was not coming home with us. the end.


Upon suggestion from trusty resources we were instructed to go to the mattress firm that takes returns. I’m a little sketched out. Should I sleep where someone else has slept? WHAT? ….oh wait I do that ALL THE TIME in hotels. So we pay a visit to the store. A kid helping us might have been all of 18? he didn’t know much (or care) about mattresses other than the fact that he wanted to make a deal. We told him we were interested in the returned mattresses that were discounted. People, by discounted I mean 60%-70% off. as in, you pick what you want in here and it will not be over $900. i was still sketched. Luckily when these things are returned people have to give the reason why. This means I can sort between the “i peed on it and I want a new one” between the “this didn’t fit right and they took it back with the plastic on”. Ok i’m in the game now. We picked out a mattress and we LOVE it. It had never actually been slept on before. best mattress ever for a fraction of the cost. win.

okay so my next “issue” was the bed frame. I’m sorry to whoever made this. …but…it had to go. This was a slatted bed that had been tiled across the head and foot board. Step #1, tile had to go. Picture us. it’s football season and Blake is trying desparately to squeeze football games in between wedding planning. It’s the USC/GA game so this is a big deal. Here I am in the backyard with a tarp out trying to take the tiles off this bed with a chisel. 2 minutes into the gig I have managed to slice the center of my hand completely open. “Babe!”…… “hey babe I think we have a problem..” (cheers from the television)…”yeah babe what’s up?”…”I may or may not need to go to the ER”. **Thank you Jesus for DVR**


2 hours later i’m feeling like a wounded bear with a bandage on my paw. Fast forward a couple weeks and I’m back in the game this time with gloves and safety glasses. GAME TIME. tiles off.

We then just had Lowe’s cut plywood down to the sizes of the slat areas. We wrapped this in quilt batting I picked up at AC Moore and then we wrapped that with a sheet I like the geometric pattern on. Everything was attached with a staple gun. This was seriously easy! We hung the piece on the slats just like it was a picture. This means when we get tired of it we can just lift it off, change the fabric, and hang it back up. We painted the bed a really dark brown and here is the complete project!


This was the first time I had taken on one of Blake’s things and turned them upside down. This was trust. Thankfully this turned out alright and therefore laid the foundation for his trust in me and our furniture. I credit this bed with the creative freedom I exercise around the house these days!

10 thoughts on “Merging the Mr. and the Mrs.

  1. Katrina Cantler says:

    Wow!!! Kathy told me you had an incredible bed! She was right! You guys are doing some really cool things! Keep those posts coming! Katrina

  2. Kathy Roberson says:

    This is one of my favorite things you have redone. I did just tell Fred and Katrina about that bed. We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

  3. Kelly says:

    I think the original is remarkably similar (less the tiles) to out “new to us” bed frame. I will copy cat this project so hard.

  4. DiAnne says:

    Always, safety glasses and gloves please! You did do a great transformation on this bed. Can’t wait to see the posts down the road on the dresser and night stands!

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