Inspiration and a gift from Santa

I get asked a lot how I think of things. Sure some of them just sort of hit me but a lot of it comes from just browsing picture after picture. Before you set in decorating your house you really need to understand what your taste is or your house will end up looking like you have split personality disorder. My suggestion would be to create a folder on your computer or even rip pages out of magazines. When you see something you like, keep it. When you have at least 100 different pictures look through them. Common themes will pop out at you. You’ll walk away with a lot better idea of what you actually subconsciously are drawn to and will have much more successful shopping trips.

Example: (I told you all I like brass, remember?) On the left is a beautiful kitchen island by Bill Ingram. On the right is the after of our bedroom dresser. I had that picture in mind for a long time and decided to use those type finishes in the bedroom (that’s a story for another time).


Here is another picture that was inspiration for me:


The scale is my baby. I saw that picture in a magazine, ripped it out, toted it around with me for the better part of a year never forgetting about it. I can remember thinking so often how to get my paws on an old seed scale. I looked everywhere. I even once considered just asking a hardware depot if they would sell me theirs. At one point I gave up on old and started looking for a new one. I can remember waking Blake up one morning and saying “look, look at this website! I need this!!” (Blake is reallyyy patient and not a total bear upon waking like myself. I’m lucky.) Anyways, let’s just say not a day went by when I didn’t think about a seed scale in some capacity. One might say…I obsessed? And then…THIS HAPPENED:


(I had to cross out something she bought because someone’s getting it for Christmas and we haven’t shared with them yet.) I know exactly where I was when God opened up the heavens and shined his love down on me. I was in the check out line at lowes and I squeeled with joy. I might have even jumped up and down a little. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES??? My mom rents a space in a store called Finders Keepers so my parents had been out at an auction that day. Click here to visit their facebook page. The store is everything vintage and amazing. My mom and her friends mostly sell things they pick up at auctions or estate sales. I’m going to do a whole post on Finders Keepers soon because it’s so interesting. Anyways, so here I am with a seed scale within reach. Of course I did what anyone would do and wrote out my wishlist to Santa, licked the stamp, and mailed it off to the North Pole. Santa came through like the dependable man he is and now this is my absolute favorite thing in our house (besides Blake and the dogs of course).


Sorry about the pictures–this this was hard to photograph because in the dark its, well, dark and in the day time the light from the window makes it impossible to see. boo. oh well.





Each time I see this scale I am reminded never to settle. It will all work out.

7 thoughts on “Inspiration and a gift from Santa

  1. DiAnne says:

    I love this scale for dish towels. Now you have me thinking of scales in a very different way. Would be cool in a powder room too!

  2. Katrina Cantler says:

    What a cool idea! Love it! Your mom is a good Santa! Hope I get to see you on Sat!
    PS: Is that the dish towel I gave you at your shower brunch? You have certainly put a whole new creative twist on displaying dish towels!

  3. Kathy Roberson says:

    Katie, I love, love, love your blog. And, I love that scale. And, I love those monogramed towels. Can’t wait to see you this weekend. Maybe you can blog about “Thrift Store Christmas”!

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