99 bottles of shampoo on the wall

This post is about showing off the ordinary. We travel for work a decent amount. Not all the time but enough to have obtained about 100 fun size bottles of shampoo/conditioner/soap/sewing kits/shower caps. When I first started working this was very exciting. Until I realized that the soap some hotels (who shall remain nameless for now) give out is enough to dry the oil out of the gulf. There’s not enough lotion in the world that can reverse what a week of washing with that stuff will do to your skin.

Once I got over that initial “oh I’m so cool I travel and get free shampoo” phase I had to figure out what to do with my collection. Not all of it was bad! Really! So, I sat down one night and sorted through it all. Shampoo pile, conditioner pile, so on. Then I sorted by hotel chain. One pile for the trash and the other for these nice hurricane glasses(dollar tree ) In our last house we kept all of this in a box shoved onto the top shelf of the guest bathroom closet. …we were so accommodating… (?) anyways.


Now I have 1) a practical way for guests to get what they need without getting hit in the face by 25 bottles 2) put all these things to good use and 3) it actually looks nice. Like it was on purpose instead of that cardboard box. Ick.


Now I can just show TSA this picture when they ask why I’m trying to bring home 30 bottles of shampoo in my carry on. “Hello Mr. TSA, I’m trying to create a hotel experience for my guests. Duh.”


This shelf came from IKEA for $40. I get weary of furniture that doesn’t require actual hardware to put together but this thing was really exactly what we needed in that spot. It feels sturdy and each individual leg can adjust up and down. Let me tell you that is a MAJOR bonus in an old house because the floor is rarely even.



I’ve mentioned on here how much I like to stage things up so naturally I shoved my aveeno bath packets (why do I have that?) into a milk glass mixing bowl I borrowed from our china cabinet. That little bottle next to it is actually a mini champagne bottle leftover from my friend Kelly’s wedding day. It’s just filled with bath salts. Ancient ones I guess. Do they still sell those? Is that a thing?

Ok so next level –I like to always have a loofah on hand for guests. I’m like… not from the washcloth generation and… I don’t feel like anyone else should be either (?) I mean, I have a thing about them. I feel like a pig with this wet blanket slopping around on my body. I know, I know, it sounds dramatic. Maybe it’s because I’m constantly covered in dust and I need something more abrasive? Ok I’m oversharing….point is. I like a loofah and any chance I have to change someone’s life I will try. Also, it’s one less thing I have to fold.


I did the same glass jar storage for razors (that’s a pet peeve thing of mine to forget). I keep a lot of glass jars on hand because I’m constantly using them for something. I’ve put soap in a mason jar for as long as I can remember. Not sure why I started that. My grandmother sends us canned vegetables in mason jars so I wash those out and treasure them. They aren’t just any mason jars. They are my Nanny’s mason jars. Ones that her hands turned tightly just for me so whenever I can use them in the house I do…it’s a constant reminder and I love that.


For a very small amount of money (or maybe no money at all if you use what you have around the house!) you can turn your guest bathroom into a much more user friendly space! Your guests will thank you.

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