Door Knob Boil

So you know how I was boiling doorknobs last night? Well, I’ve perfected my method and I’m ready to share. Everything in the upstairs was at some point in its life sprayed with white paint. I mean everryyythinggg. Light switches, air vents, door knobs, keyholes, etc. Some of the doors wouldn’t even click closed because the lock mechanism piece was stuck with paint.


It’s sort of been getting on my nerves. Not terribly but enough to make me figure it out. I knew we couldn’t just go buy all new doorknobs for the 4 doors upstairs (the bathroom has a glass door knob…score!) so I went to my trustiest resource. Google. The general consensus was that I could get this paint to peel off by boiling. That’s easy. I of course used an old pot and got the water deep enough to sink down a few pieces.


I got the water boiling before putting them in and then I let everything boil for about 20 minutes. The paint was definitely moving but it wasn’t as clean of a look as I was going for. I turned back to google and discovered some people suggested using baking soda. This was magic. It gets off everything the water leaves behind. We just poured it in until it started foaming up a little (maybe a quarter of a cup?). After 5 to 10 minutes things are coming off nicely.


We used a plastic putty knife to scrape the surface without actually scratching it.

I know you are thinking it doesn’t look amazing like brand new but hello these are from 1941!! That’s pretty cool…just think about how much these doorknobs have seen! I love it and these look MUCH better on those white doors than the goopy gunky white doorknobs before. I like the contrast and of course you know I love some brass and this is good, old, dirty brass. YUM.


I love that we were able to restore a little piece of history at no cost! (96 cents if you don’t keep baking soda on hand. And if you don’t keep it on hand…you need to so just spend the 96 cents)

12 thoughts on “Door Knob Boil

  1. Debra Turner says:

    You guys amaze me – very inspiring. You should have your own HGTV special. Love watching your house journey. Look forward to seeing it in person soon. Love you guys! 🙂

  2. Alta Jewell says:

    Very interesting—and such a lovely finished product! You and Blake are really investing yourselves in your wonderful home. You should be very proud of all your endeavors!

  3. Stephen says:

    I appreciate this post for several reasons:

    I learned something new and love that your combininb the old with the new.

    Also, I appreciate the bud light lime lurking in the back ground…I’m sure that played an integral part in restoring the door knobs.

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