Kitchen Island Addition

Lots going on around here tonight. I have a pot full of doorknobs on the stove (I’ll DEFINITELY be back with a post about that later) and Blake continues to build shelves in the basement. First, a little housekeeping note. A few people have told us they missed posts or want to follow us and don’t know how. You will see a follow button over to your right. Click on that and enter your email address. This will send you a confirmation email (to make sure the address was correct) and then you are good to go! You will get an email anytime we do a new post. Hope this helps!

So, onto my latest order of business. Our kitchen. I have a love hate relationship with it. I love our hardwood floors. Problem for me is that those hardwood floors walk straight up the side of the island and splatter themselves all over the cabinets.


You see it too don’t you? And now that I’ve pointed that out you’ll never see differently. We aren’t doing cosmetic work in the kitchen until we cross several other spots off in the house. I have pondered on how to solve my wooden woes daily and then I realized if I could at least take out that spot where it goes up the side of the island we’ll be fine, no? It will at the very least give my eyes the break they want. Tonight I decided to hold auditions in the kitchen and I found the next kitchen island idol. Now, it’s not a natural thing to just extend your island by attaching other pieces of furniture. I know what you’re thinking….


I swear it doesn’t look like that! This little black cabinet (which I rehabbed from an auction) was made for this spot. It looks like a natural addition. It was even husband approved…I mean, he didn’t say he hated it….that means he loves it right? RIGHT?? Yes, that’s what I think too.


With all this new found counter space on the island I’m not even sure what to do with myself. I could cook….see, I even opened a cookbook on that book rest should I ever feel the urge. Until then I’ll just come in here and admire my nice clean island.


That black cabinet came from this wall. (this was move in day so focus on the cabinet and ignore the shopvac/whatever is going on down the hall)


I have now parked this little gold drink cart in its place. For a few minutes I fretted over the void that the black shelf left behind. I’ve come to realize I actually like the transparency of the cart a lot more because I can see that weird tile pattern we like even more. I also feel like the whole kitchen has a more open and lighter feel overall.

Don’t make fun of my fake lemons. note to self: buy more dog biscuits.


3 thoughts on “Kitchen Island Addition

  1. Kathy says:

    Yes, what a difference it made to move that little cabinet to the end of the island! And, how much did that cost?????$0 You are good!

  2. DiAnne says:

    Can’t wait to hear about the pot full of doorknobs! You are up to something creative I am sure. Love the cabinet attached to the island.

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