Rolling Shelves in the Basement

Whoa lots going on tonight! First off, let me give you an update on the door knobs we talked about here—we used Bar keepers friend on these tonight and then used a car polish called “Wenol” (this is the man’s version of bkf?) Anyways, holy shine! The brass is back:


Also, I’m testing paint samples for the upstairs hallway. We put crown molding up when we did the bathroom and ever since I’ve felt like I owe it more. I try to use colors that are already on the National Historic Registry (the paint swatch cards at Lowes will say it is) and I’m staying neutral because it’s a large space. It might not make that exciting of a post because we are going from white to neutral in a space with no furniture but just live vicariously through me ok? Every time I walk by the stairs and look up there, I’ll smile.

Ok, let’s talk about what I came here to talk about. The basement shelves. We have a massive basement but it’s completely unfinished. Really we couldn’t ask for a better space to make our messes but this is also our storage. What you will see is about a fifth of what we need to get organized. For the past 2 months our things (tailgating gear, golf clubs, Christmas decorations, fall decorations, summer clothes, etc) have been residing on the floor over to the side. It’s gotten way out of hand so we had to do something about it. I mean….WAY out of control…(cringe)



We wanted something built to last. Really what we built is 4 bunk beds for our friends that stay over! Howard basement hotel—we’ve got vacancy! This is what I love about making things ourselves as opposed to buying. I am certain about what my money paid for and these will last forever! Blake drew out his plans and took off to Home Depot. This was only a 2 visit project and only because they were out of stock on something the first time…far from the usual…maybe because Blake did the planning???










We decided to put the shelving unit on wheels because we know the basement has mega potential and don’t want to lock into any layouts just yet AKA I want this area to be a HOME GYM….will you guys still be following us in 53… 2 years to see that idea come to life??? Will you support me in my campaign to convince Blake that I need to drywall a fifth of his workshop into a “cute” room to get my sweat on? slowly shake your head up and down. yes. yes. we can achieve my dreams together!


6 casters were needed overall but we decided to only put brakes on the front 3 so this puppy wouldn’t take off rolling across our sometimes uneven 1941 floor. We do realize that eventually these will need to get strapped and secured to the walls so they don’t come crashing down on kids (it would take a lot) but until then I like to keep my options open.

Here we are all cleaned up and organized! We have reclaimed a whole section of the basement you couldn’t even walk in before! This is major. And don’t mind those sinks and that coffee table over there…those are going to be put on craigslist when I get around to it. It’s the project corner.


I realize this isn’t a “pretty” before and after but it’s just an example of how getting organized can change the feel of an entire space! All the materials for this cost us about $100. We looked at Lowes for some shelves that would be this sturdy and were around the same dimensions. They are $177 and only have 3 shelves. We win.


Even Finley approves!


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