Hall Bathroom Makeover

I have to share this quick upgrade we did in the hall bathroom. It’s not the finished product I want but it’s major progress and we were on a budget so I think we did alright!

Here is what we started with. (I apologize for the photo…This was move in day and I’m not sure what happened!)



Random air freshener…

beigeyellowtan EVERYTHING. I understand the color could have been more offensive so it was livable but it started to get to me. Colors like this in a bathroom, I personally think, make your teeth look yellow and I don’t like that. The tile looks like sand with flecks of white, gray, and brown. The grout was gray. The tile was staying (per the husband and he wins).

In an attempt to glam the bathroom up I got the whim one night to install this chandelier watch Blake install this chandelier. It was $10 at habitat and was shiny shiny brass when she came home with me. Two coats of rustoleum primer and she’s perfect!


Yeck, check out those ceilings! in with the same color sceme except that blue patch that was there when we moved in…

One Monday night I brought home a roll of textured wall paper and I could just see that look in Blake’s eyes… (sorry babe!) I thought I could do that by myself…(?) I thought it would take an hour…(?) I’ll do a post sometime on how we installed it but here is the after. I had planned to paint it but I’m loving it white right now so I’m sticking with it! It was just $18 for that roll. win.






I tried a few of my gray paint samples but they were just too blue. When I can drag a design opinion out of Blake he has genius ideas (seriously I like to always let him pick out hardware). Anyways, he suggested I look at the browns so things will work with the tile. duhzzz…why didn’t I think of that? I knew I wanted a grayish color so I grabbed the brown strips from lowes and looked at the lightest colors on each end. We settled on “Argent” (but how yummy does greige look?!)


I had to prime the bathroom first with oil based primer because this had been painted with oil based paint. ARGH! Yuck. You have to prime over oil based with oil based and then it will hold latex so I will never have to do that again…in there.



Before we had a towel bar that was seriously 1 foot wide and was so flimsy I was scared to even put a hand towel on it. There wasn’t room for a double towel bar behind the door and I don’t really like towel bars anyway so we opted for hooks. We picked these up at Lowe’s (about $3 a pop) and drilled them in with a tile drill bit. I love this detail!


Here is the before again:


Here is after:


Notice how we left the bottom half of the wall white. It has that same tile pattern as in the kitchen and I like highlighting it.


I also hung up a little towel I got from Swoozies that says “Changing the toilet paper roll will not cause brain damage”. It’s actually just folded over and thumb tacked in between so nothing crazy permanent at all.

Like I said…I’m not at my finished product but I’m making steps forward (I still have a list for this bathroom) This makeover may not be for everyone but we love it. The room has a COMPLETELY different feel. It feels so much cleaner and friendly (and my teeth look whiter 🙂 )

oil based primer- $12 (most people would’t need this)
paint- $12 (1 quart)
wallpaper- $18 (and I have some leftover)
wallpaper paste- $4
hooks- $6
mini makeover total: $52

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