Show and Tell

Tonight we are having show and tell. We want to do this from time to time and share some projects other people are doing!

My cousin Will and his cute/sweet/sohappytohaveherinthefam fiance Brittney are busy making the condo they will move into next July their home! She shared a before and after on her facebook tonight and I want to share it here!

They spotted this coffee table in a Goodwill and took it home for a little makeover.


The coffee table itself isn’t that bad. It’s not for me but I could see it working in some houses. Glass top coffee tables are something I have beef with… why would you actually need to see what’s under there (?) because let me tell you it is going to be one of three things 1) dusty carpet 2) a dusty rug 3) or, if there is a shelf below, a collection of junk. Sure, this will start off all staged up with your pretty coffee table books but let’s be honest… In a month or two that’s going to turn into a recycling bin for ESPN mags and newspapers magnified by a thick layer of glass. Like i said..some houses…I know there are people out there with no dogs, kids, and the discipline to not actually sweep all the dust life gives us under there. kudos to you!

Brittney and Will just painted the table white (I personally love how you can see a little brown coming through on the wood work…it makes it look original). They modge podged fabric under the glass and voila!


You now have a custom coffee table for a fraction of the price. This table has tons of surface area, it’s sturdy, and it has storage.


Adding these baskets is genius. Everyone needs a basket for tv remotes, wii remotes, ipads, magazines, books, blankets, etc. I love a contained mess. LOVE IT.

This is such a good example of how far a little paint and fabric can go on a piece you may not love. It’s also a great example of how you can find some great things at secondhand stores. Some people would love that table as it was and it would be 5 times the cost in a furniture store!

Thanks Brittney and Will for sharing!

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