The Little Room

I’m watching Duck Dynasty as I write this and even though I’ve seen this episode 5 times I cannot stop laughing! Ever since Duck Dynasty I really like to describe things as being the “cats pajamas”. If you haven’t seen it, do. If you don’t like it, I feel bad for you.

Tonight I want to think out loud about the “little room”. I like to call it the little room because it’s little, it has low ceilings, and it has a hobbit closet door. Because it’s little I’m going to go big. I will pull out all the stops in this little space. A) because I can B) if it’s awful at least it’s a small awful C) because I can and should.



Anytime someone comes in this room they say “ohhh it’s an office!”. no thanks.

Here are my thoughts so far:
painted floors
plush white bedding
flowing floor to ceiling curtains
massive mirror

(ps: the pictures below all came from pinterest and when I tried to find the source it just kept sourcing others so, I cannot take credit for any of these and we will say pinterest does)

Now. These floors were never finished. They are in horrid condition (see above) and you know like I said early I’m going big or going home in this little room. i want unexpected and that is why I am thinking about painting the floors black. I want them to be so glossy they show a reflection. dream big right? it’s fine. Also running around up there in my brain is doing a patterned floor but, for now, black is winning.

black floors

chevron floor

I already have my paws near a chandelier that is perfect. it’s old and simple. i love. It sort of looks like this one from Lowes but it came from an auction.


I’m a total sucker for white bedding which is sort of a nightmare considering I own a small pony dog who knows he isn’t allowed to actually be on the bed but thinks as long as the back two legs are touching the ground he isn’t breaking rules.

I’m thinking white curtains for now but i might change my mind and go with something crazy bold. I know I want to leave the walls white (I’m still painting them white so they aren’t primer white). Anyways, lately I have a crush on bold kelly green.

kelly green

I already have my paws on a massive mirror that might actually be too big for the space. that will be a bummer but for now I’m not going to pop my bubble by measuring.

Some of you probably think I’m off my rocker about this coming together but the little room is going to be beaut! It’s going to be a while for sure but I can’t wait to show off the finished product!

Problem: air doesn’t go to this room so it’s chilly in the winter and will be HOT in the summer. It will be a spring/summer retreat until we eventually figure the air thing out. That’s not really a priority for us right now but maybe a couple years down the road.

Hope everyone is having a good week!

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