Cabinet Makeover

In this post I shared where this black cabinet ended up. I brought this home from an auction a couple of years ago and my Dad helped me clean it up.

Here it is when I brought it home. (and taped the glass off)

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I just sanded the rough spots lightly and used a deglosser. I went over the whole thing with a really fine sandpaper. After sanding I wiped the whole thing down probably 3 times with water (until nothing was coming off anymore). I let it dry overnight and then I painted the whole thing with glossy black paint.

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The inside wasn’t in bad condition so I just cleaned it well (use vinegar to get the musty smell out of old pieces) and then put on two coats of polyurethane. I wasn’t sure what all this cabinet would be used for but I wanted to make sure it was protected. So far it’s been a cabinet to hold all my paints and brushes, a book case, a cabinet for wine glasses, and is now finally our kitchen island extension.


Sometimes second hand things might have the look you want but they need a little TLC!

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