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Hello dear blog world! Blake and I have spent the past couple of days on a mini vacation to Seattle. I’m lucky enough to have my job bring me out here and even luckier that this time it worked out for Blake to come!
My client seriously works right next to the base of THIS:



If that’s the only thing I saw while I was there I would go home a happy camper. It’s seriously breath taking. We tried our best to capture what we were seeing but we are the most amateur of photographers.

After poking around in the mountains for a couple of hours we drove back into Seattle for some exploration on foot. We of course visited Pikes Market, walked along the water, rode the giant ferris wheel, visited my favorite antique store, saw the gum wall, walked around the city center, did some window shopping and ate great food. It was the greatest day date ever!




This is the sickest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. The gum wall. Like I needed to put on my 3M respirator mask just standing there? probably a haz mat suit for good measure.

It’s like one of those bad things you sort of can’t stop looking at for a few minutes. We did not make a contribution to this art? filth. Seriously when I got close enough to photograph this I smelled Big Red. I can’t even imagine how many cases of strep throat, mono, and the flu are alive on that wall. ick.


Look at all these produce scales…swoon. Had Santa not brought me mine I would have probably tried to buy one of these off the vendors…



Saturday started off in our hotel room watching the NC State vs. Duke basketball game. GO PACK! Once we got moving we found a coupon in a brochure that was buy 1 ticket get 1 free to the aquarium so we decided to take advantage of that.


I saw this little guy and all I could think about was how if Mondays were a fish this is what they would look like.

I’ve always loved seahorses. I’m not sure what that’s about or why it started but I liked how this little guy just wrapped his tail around some seagrass and rolled with the current. Sometimes in life that’s just what you have to do. Speaking of rolling. Blake made me laugh at the Otter exibit by singing a little Adele “rolling in the deep” as the backdrop to watching the otters roll and roll and roll and roll. #myhusbandisfunny
025 (3)


After the aquarium we ate some local seafood and visited a store we don’t have back home…West Elm. It was just as amazing as it looks online. Sigh. We decided we would just drive around Seattle with the rest of our daylight. We randomly drove around neighborhoods trying to scout out different views. I have never seen so many beautiful and unique homes in one location. I mean, Blake and I kind of have a crush on Seattle. I of course because Grey’s Anatomy is based on Seattle and I was within 4 hours of Forks, the town from Twilight. double sigh. Blake was not willing to devote 8 hours to a car trip through the Olympic mountains looking for Edward and Jacob. maybe next time (?)



I picked up some treasures on this trip.

032 (2)

That glass ball is my favorite thing I’m bringing home. Glass floats were used by fishermen to keep their lines afloat. The history is very interesting. The batch I bought mine from was found by a fisherman in the 70s. He kept them for years before finally selling to an antique dealer. These are fairly common but replicas are being made now and that’s what is usually sold in tourist stores. I absolutely adore mine and love the idea that this glass ball has seen SO many miles and so much ocean that I will never see. Might seem random but I think it’s just the coolest. Here is a link to a glass float dealer if anyone is interested.

That little alphabet block is from a set made by XYZ. These are a twist on the normal blocks and include pictures (sometimes for grown ups only). Here is a link to see more or buy them. Each block has two letters so our other letter is P. It has a power saw on one side and a picture of a hero on the other. It made me think of Blake so I snagged it.

The next two items came from West Elm. Who buys a pasta scoop on vacation???? This girl. No seriously we really needed one and this one was on clearance for $3. I know a good deal when I see one and if it means bringing a pasta scoop back in my carryon then you know…it is what it is. The other thing I picked up there was this little scrub brush set. I couldn’t help myself. Scrub brushes in/out/around a clean sink somehow make things look dirty no matter how clean the sink is. I think this one will look like kitchen art. Ok you can all stop laughing about the fact that I flew across the country and I have nothing to show for it but a pasta scoop and dish scrubber……

We couldn’t leave without some type of something to hang on the walls so we picked up this photograph. It captured everything we will fondly remember from our trip!

058 (2)

I also picked up these vintage post cards. I couldn’t help myself.


That’s all for now! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

7 thoughts on “Seeing Seattle

  1. Kathy says:

    Oh, wow! I feel like I went with you to Seattle! Great post!!! When you go back, I have an idea for next year’s Thrift Christmas…..I HAVE to have one of those floats! I have loved them forever and dream of finding one on the beach!

  2. Pat Land says:

    I was facinated with your scrub brush holder. That is really neat. I agree with you, they are necessary around the sink, but unsightly to see just sitting there. Looks like to made a pretty good “haul”.

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