Something Blue

While Blake was in Dallas for work last week I decided to make him a little surprise. Blake brought the “something blue” to our wedding which is now parked in the garage spot in the basement.



A couple weeks ago when started to get organized in the basement I got my paints organized (including all the paint left by the previous owners!) and we also organized all of our plywood, wood, glass shelves, etc. I perused the scrap wood with my trusty sidekick Finley one night and decided I was going to make Blake a garage sign. I found a piece of plywood that was already the size I needed so no cuts necessary. (I don’t like anyone cutting anything when they are home alone…Blake doesn’t always follow that rule but I do because I haven’t yet trained Fin to call 911). Anyways, I spaced out my letters (I printed these and cut around them) to make sure everything would fit nicely. I also hit the jackpot because one of the cans of spray paint we inherited was the perfect shade of blue. I opened the door, put my mask on, and drained a can of spray paint on the plywood. I let this dry overnight.



The next day I traced my letters onto the board with a pencil and then painted in with some black paint we already had on hand. Then I cut out the flags. I doubled up the paper and cut this once to insure they were symmetrical. I traced these, painted in all white, and then went back and filled in with black checks when it was dry. I freehanded that so it’s definitely not perfect but it’s perfect for what I wanted.





This project didn’t cost me anything but some time (stretched out over 4 nights). If I had needed to buy the supplies this still would have been an under $20 project for the wood and paints.

We will be back hopefully tomorrow to show you how the sign looks hanging in it’s place on the wall!

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