getting over picture paralysis

We are cracking up watching Modern Family tonight. Mitchell and Cam were talking about how Claire always tells the same story and Cam goes “we should start calling her ranch house because she doesn’t have more than one story” haha….little joke for all the house enthusiasts out there!

Tonight we hung Blake’s garage sign I talked about making here. This is the spot on the wall it is covering up (that’s just a weird little window into the next room so we weren’t afraid to cover it up. It was actually fortunate because we were able to put nails into wood as opposed to drilling and anchoring into brick.




Isn’t it cute handsome? I like how it matches the car. Blake says “it’s cool babe”. That means he loves it.

….and of course what kind of wife would I be if I didn’t capitalize on the drill being out and tag on hanging 5 more pictures? …you know, while the drill is out?

Blake is a trooper. We have plaster so it’s a little a lot more aggravating to hang a picture. In fact, I would do it myself if I thought I wouldn’t crack our walls into a thousand pieces. We pre-drill all the nail holes with this teeny tiny drill bit.


We have this big white wall opposite our kitchen that begs for something. I go back and forth about what I want. I’m really a black and white all the same size frames all stacked in a row person but…. who has $100 to go blow on uniform frames right now? Trust me it’s hard to convince your husband that is a priority when your house doesn’t have gutters…. So. We did what we do best and dug through our pictures, art, signs (I’m a serious hoarder when it comes to this stuff).

I doodled this little portrait of our family last year:

My parents gave us this sign for Christmas…it’s perfect:

I picked this up at an antique store for $10 and it’s a favorite!! So vintage and to live by.

There wasn’t much of a method to the madness. If I’m going to do a gallery wall of different sizes and colors I’m not going to waste my time with a tape measure. Let your eye do the positioning. I did try to balance colors as best I could but that was about it.


We love it. It’s something we can add to and it’s not permanent. If one day I win the lottery I can put 30 black and white frames up here but more likely than not this will end up being a gallery of our future kid’s art. (no, we are not pregnant…but this is who I am, planning out and think about any and all art that will/should/could cross my path in life).

Happy middle of the week everyone!

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