dog days are not over

Dear blog world, we have moved from to .COM! For those of you that follow us, nothing changes. For those who have our old link, you will still be mapped to for a year if you type in We are excited to be making this tiny upgrade! ps: it’s legit raining cats and DOGS here tonight for 4 days straight… should we DIY an ark??

Tonight I was washing some of the dog things and thought I would share about that. Feel free to zzzz at any time…


I don’t ever wash anything dog related with a regular detergent. Here is the view above my washer.


I have a method. Tides liquid with fabric softener for our regular people clothes and powder detergent for our work (as in yard work) clothes, sheets and towels. Then I go all natural when it comes to my babies so I wash all of their things (beds, blankets, even toys) in distilled white vinegar.


It smells like easter egg dye when it comes out of the wash but it loses that smell in the dryer.

Another dog related item is our dog food container.


Blake gave me this for Christmas (yes, I asked for it. My man didn’t give me a dog food container for Christmas without preapproval ….but if he had, I would have reveled in the fact that he knows me that well!) Anyways, this particular tin…can..(what is that exactly?) came from Marshall’s Home Goods (I think the $20 price point). I absolutely LOVE it. Dog food is one of those things that is really hard to make look cute. This holds a 30lb bag and I just leave it sitting out because it’s attractive. From a practical standpoint, I love that it’s airtight and bug proof. And Finley approved….. (Lola is hiding)


Oh and ps for those of you who read the Seattle post…here are a couple treasures fitting in just right in their new home!



MEEOOWWW…that’s a good looking pasta scoop.

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