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We have had an action packed weekend (well, just Saturday really). First off, we got gutters!!!


We did not even consider attempting to DIY these because they are so important. We have had our basement collect water a couple of times so we are excited for it to rain again so we can see everything in action.



Master Flow of Easley installed our gutters and they were fabulous! The crew was so kind and professional and they were in and out in 3 hours. We absolutely would recommend them to anyone needing gutters in the upstate.

Our next goal was to get rid of this:

005 (3)

Remember when we just got a little chop happy with the hedge trimmers this weekend? Well, we don’t own a truck and haven’t had time to take it off during the week so we decided to rent a truck from Uhaul for a few hours and handle it. It took two trips and so we headed off to our regular recycling center with the first load.


When we arrived we were told by the attendant that only one trip per day was allowed and he would remember our truck. Boo on him. We decided to try a land fill in Spartanburg for our second trip but pulled up on a sign that said “must show license to prove Spartanburg county residence” boo on that. We decided to take a risk and it was out lucky day! The attendant never asked us…. (we think because we only had yard scrap) We went to the yard scrap section and immediately realized we had struck gold. It was the most massive pile of mulch I had ever seen and it was FREE. We filled up the truck and high fived each other for the find.


This mulch went to the saddest little corner of our front yard…I’m not even sure what this is. I’ve tried to picture different things it could be but for now I’m mulching it.



I hung a flower basket and planted some bulbs (crossing my fingers it’s not too late!). It’s not amazing but at least it looks like someone is trying to live here now….we had two neighbors compliment the new improvements yesterday. I’m sure they are so ready for this house to start coming to life on the outside and I know it will this summer. Everything is just so blah and brown now. But hey—free mulch! We’ll take it.

Now, onto the section for which I titled the post. Let’s dream a little dream, shall we?
When we moved in this basketball goal trap was tied to the side of the railing above the carport.


Gross. I actually forgot about it until I saw it in the daylight the other day. I brought it up to Blake later at dinner that we needed to cut that down and haul it off. He did not share my sentiments for the carport decoration. He wanted to keep it…(?)…..in case we ever played…(?)…..we don’t even own a basketball…(?)

I didn’t push back on that but I did make it clear that it would not stay as is. I immediately started to envision what I want our carport to be in a year or so. I’ve been pining away to grow some ivy up the sides and across the front. Example here:


Now, I want some flower/ivy that blooms…like this:


So, let me “paint” all this together and let’s all dream about it together and collectively say “oohhhhh” yes. It’s lovely. (I don’t own photoshop or anything fancy so my butcher shop rendition will just have to do until we get the real deal done)


Sometimes I have to sort of paint things up like this to get people to let me do what I want. I’m a dreamer and a doer. You can see a hint of what I’m doing to the goal itself here…I am very excited about that part and can’t wait to share when it’s completed! Hope everyone had a wonderfull weekend!

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  1. Katrina Cantler says:

    Mlk holiday….great day to lay in bed and read one of my favorite blogs……yours! I love all the things you guys are doing! You are both so talented!

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