Nighthand Man

Your nightstand. It’s really your right hand man in the middle of the night you know? It holds your water and your bible and your lamp and your phone charger and your jewelry and all the junk you need to shove into your drawers when guests come over. Nightstands are crucial and therefore deserve to be beautiful and admired.

We inherited Blake’s bedroom set when we got married. See here. I didn’t get to the nightstands until months after the bed makeover….I got busy….

Same deal though…white tile with grout and caulk all around.


What in the hotdog were people thinking???? I can understand wanting a water resistant top…you know…so when you reach for your glass of water and instead punch your hand straight into it knocking it all over the place? And of course it’s 3am in the morning so you have this policy:


We’ve all been there. It’s fine.

So, I used a chisel to get up under the corners and I went slowwwllyyy to try and not crack them. Tiles are SHARP people so wear heavy duty gloves. Once I got the tiles off I sanded with 80 grit sandpaper to get the adhesive off and 220 to make it soft again.


I sanded the entire piece, stained with “American Oak” and swapped out the hardware for these brass (of course) Martha Stewart pulls.


I love these and if anyone else wants to share in my love they are currently $1.98 online here. Yeahhhh…find somewhere to put them!! They look like they would come out of a library.

Blake and I could both agree that we couldn’t just stain the top. You know…because we punch our water over in the night. Our solution is going to sound bizarre to you. They make linoleum tiles (as in stick on the floor) that look like leather….stop cringing and just trust me okay?? We bought them and used them for the top. From far away it actually blends right in with the stain but up close it looks sort of light leather. The best part is that it will withstand just about whatever we toss over there in the night.



How handsome is this nightstand? I even thought if maybe one day they outgrow the nightstand role they could be end tables. I love them.


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  1. DiAnne says:

    Since about the day you came into this world you thought outside the box, so no surprise to me you are putting floor tiles on a night stand. I had to go back and read your NY resolutions post again. I love those and need to be reminded of them on occasion. Love you, Mom

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