Window Shopping on Pinterest

Let’s talk about my hopes and dreams for a few minutes.

I found this picture the other day when I was searching for something else on pinterest and I LOVE it. (couldn’t track down the original site)…Anyways, I realize this isn’t truly all that practical but it’s cool and we all know it. The kind of cool that would make me buy 20 fakes of every fruit and veggies just for the look? …(should I join stagers anonymous now or yesterday?)


I also love this rack!


and I think I need these stools…..


and then I saw this idea (still on pinterest people)….pretty genius right?


ok and then I saw this and BAM! a kitchen book baby was born in my mind. At first I thought how impratical to have a library in the kitchen (not that impractical can’t be my middle name…)


then I remembered the bookfronts glued to bins. GENIUS! I want to do a cabinet of this in our future renovated kitchen and do all vintage cookbook fronts. do you love it? or hate it? just wait.

Then I saw this:


uhhhhh i NEED this. and I’m not sure where….in the kitchen also? (our kitchen might get busy) OR in our closet? maybe so. I sure do hope you’ll still be stopping by to see my oversized hand crafted peg board one day. There is something so charming about it.

I’m going home tomorrow!! Which means we get to mount our new basketball goal this weekend!! Which means we get to show you soon! Who knows what else we will accompolish this weekend…I have a few ideas up my sleeve…

3 thoughts on “Window Shopping on Pinterest

  1. Kathy says:

    My parents have one of those industrial stools that I have been begging to take to the mountains…. But, Momma still cuts Daddy’s hair while he is sitting on it so….it’s a no go. I can’t believe how you keep picking my favorite things!!!! The blue floats, the industrial stool….what is next? Really, I haven’t even told you that I love those things and you pick them! I can’t wait to for you to post new things. Love your blog!

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