The Basketball Goal

The basketball goal has arrived! Here is the post where we first talked about this crroked, unstable, 1990’s looking goal hanging on the railing:




Well, we spray painted the whole thing in oil rubbed bronze and then I traced and painted in a white H for the back board. We had taped off the original rectangle and when I pulled the tape off Blake decided he liked the blue so we left it! We gave the whole thing a serious coating with clear sealer and replaced the net.


Here he is hanging back in the new spot. Only half an inch over regulation height and looking much better than before. Of course now that the goal looks decent we have noticed just how gross the carport looks….YIKES. it’s in the back of the house so we are only offending ourselves…not the neighbors. …pressure washing/rustoleum touchups have been added to the list.




The board was originally attached with this string. SKETCH.


Blake came up with a way to have at least one bolt holding it to the porch and then we used stainless steal zip ties. WHO KNEW THEY MADE THOSE???? $5 for a 4 pack and totally worth it. (oh yeah have we ever mentioned our back railing is all stainless steal??…definitely unique…we will be sharing A LOT about our back “situation” when the weather warms up and we go out there more)



Look how much cleaner this looks from the back. Definite improvement.


I am so glad we didn’t toss this goal like I had originally wanted to! This project cost us $20 for the spray paint, sealer, zip ties, and bolts.

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