Curtain Magic

Does anyone else out there suffer from the single awkward window on a wall disease? Our house does. Specifically our bedroom.


don’t make fun of my teddy bear. Our bedroom is a box and there are two windows. One on each wall so no piece of furniture looks like it belongs. Generally you would see a bed centered between two windows. Or a desk under a window. Not here. Here we have tall and skinny which looked a little off kilter with our bed that takes up the whole room anyway. (we have a space problem in here but it’s getting handled next fall). Anyways, the windows are staying and the bed has absolutely no other home so here is what I did to add symmetry to the room:


We hung the curtains out at least as wide as the bed. When they are pulled over the frame it gives the illusion that this could be a much bigger window. I feel balanced when I walk in the room now instead of feeling like I needed to downsize to a twin bed and put it somewhere else. the bed no longer feels lost.

The curtain panels came from IKEA $10 a pop. We got those a while back so I couldn’t find a link but they have several styles for $9.99. The best part about IKEA curtains is that they come extra long without the extra price. Warning: They can cause some serious darkness so close at your own risk on a weeknight. The rods actually came from Wal-Mart and I favored them over several I saw at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.


This is one of my all time favorites from Apartment Therapy. I think this room actually has windows but how amazing would this be for a room without windows to give the illusion of them!? Am I the only one who would hang curtains just to make it seem like windows were there? Again…I may or may not need to go to stagers anonymous….


For those who love Christmas lights look at what some sheer curtains can do for you here. If you think about what this is this makes a huge difference. This black wall, sheer curtains, and white lights has turned what would be a tiny white box into romantic sleeping quarters. source.


This is another example of curtain beautification (this was on pinterest and linked to a page on hgtv that did not have the picture…)


I think we can all agree that curtains can make some serious magic happen in a room. They make everything look so finished and can be inexpensive/easy to make. We say it’s definitely worth it!

4 thoughts on “Curtain Magic

  1. Natalie Canter says:

    Katie, I love this idea. I have the same “issue” in my bedroom and had NO idea what to do with the window over my bed….now i know!

  2. R Everleigh says:

    Katie, i enjoy reading your blogs.  Your one window solution was exactly what I thought of before scrolling down to see that’s exactly what you did.  Love, Fran

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