The long answer to…

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why we have a joint facebook account.

I get asked this actually more than I thought I would. The number 1 question I get is: “oh, do you not trust each other?” what?? ….why would I be married? Unfortunately I think that answer is lost on some…

We chose to have a joint facebook account because we believe in presenting ourselves as a united front. Now that does not mean we are sewn together and can’t think differently or have our own activities. It means that we want everyone looking in to see us as a whole. Sure, we may disagree now and then but we will do that behind closed doors. It’s pretty hard to air your dirty laundry via social media when you are posting a status under both names.

We wanted to set up the best defense we could around our marriage from day 1. Not because we thought it was at risk but because we knew sooner or later, be it 1 year, 10 years, 15 years down the road, someone will try and find a crack to work themselves into. We freak out about keeping our money secure, we put fancy alarm systems in our houses, we buy fire proof safes for our treasures but we rarely think about protecting the only one thing that really matters.

We like the idea that if someone wants to check up on what one of us is doing they will see what our spouse is up to as well. We also like that people will think twice before messaging us because they are messaging both of us. Blake and I do not keep secrets from one another and people need to know that.

Sometimes when people ask me I say:
“why not?”….
“oh, well I’m friends with people I went to school with”
“……ok I’m pretty sure it’s ok if they find out you are married?”
“oh well we aren’t THAT close and I don’t want to have to request them again if I get a new account”….

If you are stalking people you would not even speak to on the street then you are wasting that much time you could be spending with people that matter. …Just saying.

We are a family and our number one priority is protecting what we have. Joining our facebook accounts was an extremely simple yet very effective way for us. A marriage should be treasured and nurtured because when THIS HAPPENS: (Mom this is going to make you cringe but I’m helping out humanity here, ok?)

you come home to find your basement flooding:

Your husband is in Dallas and this is how your dogs tell you they disapprove:
from iphone 1703

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you pull out a piece of caulk around the tub only to find this much mold and moisture behind it:

you accidentally paint your new bathroom pink and tell your spouse the whole thing needs to be repainted:

you leave your new puppy alone for 15 minutes with 2 outdoor pillows and a soaker hose:
from iphone 1657

you walk in on your husband (you can barely make him out) because a cloud of plaster powder is now covering the kitchen you cleaned the day before:

you come home to a giant hole in the floor day after day and quietly whisper to yourself it your future bubble bath location:

you let your dog out to use the bathroom for 5 minutes before work and the next thing you know he has new shoes and you have new pants (and your spouse has already left):
from iphone 1692

because moving looks all glamorous in your mind and then you have that room you both just agree to keep the door shut on:

You need to be able to laugh with each other, cry with each other, try not to kill the dogs together, and love your spouse more than you did before things got messy.

Marriage is something to take pride in, to treasure, to be proud of, to protect. Don’t let something silly (or messy) let you forget that.

And in NO WAY am I saying people should have joint facebook. I’m just explaining why we chose to.

So there you have it.

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  1. Those pictures did make me cringe because that really isn’t how your house looks, but I get your point. I never really thought about why you have a joint Facebook. Makes sense to me.

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