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The very first thing I purchased as an “adult” is a couch. This was pre-Blake and I think I did alright for myself. I wanted a cozy sectional that I could sleep on and curl up in the corner of. Our big brown sectional has been everything I dreamed of and more. When we moved into our new house the couch was just way too big for the living room so it transitioned to the man cave. Quite handsomely I might say.


The issue with having the best couch in the world is this: it makes you lazy. It sucks you in so much to the point that you cannot even lift yourself to gather things from the coffee table. Am I alone here? One day, in my good fortune, I stumbled upon these nesting trays. It was love at first site. One of those things where you put it in the cart before you have even asked yourself what the price is…lucky for me these were both mine for $20. Phew.

These * are * the * greatest * things * ever (I’m saying that with a clap in between each word)



Seriously. If you have a big couch that sucks you in just put a tray down and your drink/remote dilemmas are solved! This does 4 important things:

1. The remote is never lost
2. Drinks don’t get spilt (don’t act like you’ve never tried to balance a drink ON the couch)
3. Much less clutter on the coffee table
4. More likely chances of breakfast in bed when you have a tray

Speaking of the coffee table, I picked this table up for Blake at an auction for $35. It’s an old cigar table (it does not have a lingering smoke smell).


I actually bid on it before I knew what it was because I liked that the center lifted out. As soon as I saw this I knew I had won. Husband wants to have friends over to watch a game? Fill tray with ice and drinks and suddenly you are the coolest wife on the block.


Here is the man of the cave now! Hard at work at his new kitchen cart desk. (see that hurricane of papers? yeah…it’s called busy season. gotta crunch the numbers to pay for the nails, ya know?)


This “built in” was here when we moved in. It wasn’t a built in. It actually used to be a door that the previous owners covered up.


We are in the process of figuring out how to not make it look like a giant hole in the wall but for now the top half has been good storage.

And of course the man cave has a little something blue


The cave is coming along. I can’t wait until we can share more later but for now it’s a little very discombobulated.

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