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Hello blog world! We have had a packed weekend! First off we are really getting into our busy season so I am definitely going to stay on top of the blog but if you don’t hear from us for a couple days it’s because we are crunching numbers to pay for the nails.

You know you have a problem when you take paper and pen to a mexican restaurant to determine your future master suite layout:


(ps: we are VERY excited about this renovation. It’s a doozy coming this summer/fall)

I also have decided to make myself a giant chalkboard out of some scrap wood from the basement. The paint can said I need to wait 4 days to “season” the chalkboard so I won’t be debuting my drawing until at least then.


We also hung our H flag this weekend. My parents bought us this flag as part of our DIY/at home wedding we had in 2011. so lovely here:


We decided to hang it off to the side because the entry way is narrow. My original vote was for left of the entry but imagine our guests coming over and ringing the doorbell only to get smacked in the face by a giant flag.


I know what you’re thinking. that’s a lot of tan/beige/whatcoloristhat? We are planning to get rid of/camouflage those wooden scales and we are also going to paint all of the window trim white. (just waiting for optimal temps!)

Anyways, the most exciting house event of the weekend was our little room “progress makeover”. In an old house you are making over there is always the middle. Well, we are in the middle. I talked about in this post how I have a vision for the little room and up until this weekend it had remained this:


Using only things we had in the house I managed to pull this together:


We definitely think the room is cozy and inviting and we are just happy to have another room with a defined purpose in the house. This room only has one outlet so for right now I only had the lamp on the left side. To balance the right side I brought up our bamboo stalks I have been growing for a year (I FINALLY managed to keep a plant alive)


I made up the bed with random sets of things we had and developed sort of this blue/green scheme which I carried through the books I brought into the room.



(this book is amazing! it’s just a coffee table book full of different present wrappings…thank you bargain books at Barnes & Noble!

Hope everyone had a productive super bowl Beyonce bowl weekend!

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