Adirondack possibilities…

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Today one of our dear blog followers brought it to my attention that it can be risky to put mulch right up against your house because it can create an easy path for termites. What the!?! In case you forgot we got a free pile of mulch here and dumped it here:


Right up next to the house. Yep, we let it snuggle right on up onto two walls. Now, we have termite protection and our house is made of hardy board, steel, brick, and plaster. So, structurally I think we are alright but nothing is ever ok about bugs coming within 5 feet of my personal space. Ya feel me?

Blake assured me that it wasn’t just our free landfill mulch but any mulch can lead to this possibility. I think I remember hearing something or another about this on hgtv once but I had stored it in the depths of my brain where I keep other information that gets in the way of what I want to do when I want to do it.

So, I started thinking about alternatives for this awkward little armpit nook of the house. It’s probably not the best spot for a garden but it needs to be something. It has a definite border so someone at some point had an intention for this space. I started thinking that maybe we should use pavers and create a little patio spot….some place we can sit and watch the cars drive by (someday when we are retired???) or we could … I honestly have no clue what we would do in the front of our house but whatever. It’s all about looks right? Right.

Something like this: maybe?



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Then I got REALLY hung up on having Adirondack chairs out there after I remember this picture I took at George and Louie’s


but I’m confused if it’s too beachy? Confusion aside I searched the internet for completed Adirondack chairs and Adirondack chair plans. I once tried to make a miniature Adirondack chair out of popsicle sticks and it was a mess so I’m not sure that’s the route we want to take. While I was searching I found these amazing deals at World Market. For those of you that may have the chairs and need an ottoman or table to go with—here you are for only $10! In my love language that’s only 2 cups of coffee (Starbucks is a love language, right?)



Those come in a natural wood color also for $10. The bright colors are $40 so buy the natural and 2 cans of spray paint. Voila!

If anyone has any suggestions on what purpose this little nook could serve we would LOVE to hear! We are entertaining all possibilities!


5 Replies to “Adirondack possibilities…”

  1. I think it could be a sweet looking spot. Maybe give it some time and think of the overall plan for the front yard. I think you will get some good ideas from your followers. Maybe you should enter your front and back yard for HGTV curb appeal or yard crashes, one of those shows. I see the adirondack chairs in the back of the house. More formal in the front, relaxed in the back.

  2. I’m seeing a really pretty window box that your sweet husband builds and a gorgeous hydrangea bush to the right corner of the house. I see other plantings under the window box that don’t grow too tall as you don’t want to obstruct the view of the window box. I see pretty green grass in the reminder part of this little nook! Just a thought………………Katrina PS I LOVE adirondack chairs but I would put them in the back.The great news is……………whatever you guys decide to do it will turn out awesome!!!

  3. This may be to much but I am thinking a Swing. I don’t know of there is enough room but how awesome would it be to have a swing for two with a garden around it and a few rocks leading up to it from the sidewalk. I can see it in my head and it’s very pretty but it will take time for the garden to be as full as I see unless you purchase mature plants, which is an option. You could even work towards having rose vines growing up the frame of the swing. That’s what I would do but I love a good garden.

    1. oohhh that would be fun! I have definitely been staring this spot down everyday when I pull into the drive and we are for sure going to do something when the weather gets warmer! Thanks for your suggestion!! ps: I have a black thumb so you’ll have to tell me how to grow roses 🙂

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