The Phone Niche

Old houses come with these:


It’s where the phone used to go and I have mixed feelings about it. The location of ours is actually in a spot that won’t exist by the end of the year so I need a temporary solution. For a while I was on a kick about ordering a telephone from the 1940’s era and wiring it into a blue tooth or something ultra techy and complicated like that. Considering I can barely work a twitter account this idea was just not going to work out.

Since we have moved in this spot has just been a catch all of random things that we decide we need to sit down in the middle of the hall….(?) gloves, keys, phones, change, random tools, receipts, JUNK. you know. so I had to give this little ledge a purpose.

Has anyone ever bought something random at oh say….tj maxx and thought it was the best purchase ever until you got home and had no clue what to do with it? Me too. I bought a key holder situation seriously 3 years ago.


Wowza. Anyways, I found it the other night and decided it was getting a home and the phone ledge was becoming the official key spot.


Things are cuter right? I’m not in love but it’s ok for now. I’m considering painting the trim white? but then that’s just sort of a waste of paint…. #conflicted.

Has anyone out there ever repurposed a phone niche? I would love to hear your ideas!

8 thoughts on “The Phone Niche

  1. DiAnne says:

    I love this niche! Might need to find another place in the house for it when you remodel. How about one of the sculptures I made in college in the 70s fitting right in that little place. Just kidding but would be a cool place for art, but I like the key holder too.

  2. Carol Potter Schutte says:

    I just read my post that makes no sense so I will send another. I would paint the woodwork around the niche white and leave the inside the present color. I like the key holder the way it is but I also like the art idea your mom has.

  3. Jennifer Long says:

    I’ve been meaning to read your blog for awhile now, and finally just finished reading all your posts, well done Katie. I love it and am hooked. Thanks for sharing all your ideas. You are super creative and it’s wonderful to read. It makes me almost think I could do some of these projects myself, almost. Love it.

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