Who doesn’t need a giant trifold mirror?

Holy busy season. Sorry I have been MIA lately! We have been being worker bees. I’m working a little closer to home to this week so should have more time (everyone cross your fingers with me).

Our upstairs is a totally blank slate. You can see pictures of this upstairs “foyer” as I call it here. We added crown molding when we did the bathroom but haven’t done anything else (unless you count splattering up some paint samples).


(I love that picture because of Blake’s shirt haha I feel like that is a permanent caption for him)


The bottom color wins FYI.

This weekend I found a treasure at Habitat!


I didn’t have a place in mind really when I found this mirror but it was BIG and I knew it could be a statement piece in several places. The color felt a little dated to me so I painted it. If you follow us regularly you know exactly what spray paint I used. That’s right. Oil rubbed bronze by Rustoleum. I know what you’re all thinking…. “for the love can these kids not afford to buy another can of spray paint!?!?!” I visited the paint aisle and there wasn’t anything there that caught my eye so I went with it. It’s such a rich color and has this unique finish on wood that I haven’t found in anything else. I taped off the glass as best I could but knew I would just use the glass scraper for any over spray. The glass probably needed to be scraped anyway as there was a thick layer of grime.


I finally settled on putting the mirror on top of one of our side tables with two lamps. It gives off the most amazing light! Other places I considered would be on the mantle or on the dresser. I think it would look cool hung on the wall or sitting with the outside panels turned in. (and I’ve already planned to hang a wreath in the middle at Christmas)
This table is sitting outside the bathroom facing the stair landing. We knew we wanted to put a table of some sort with two lamps in this spot so this will work well for us now. Now, I’m not completely sold on this because I’m not sure I love that I can see the outlet (we know the cords are a hot mess but those could be wired up and only one straight cord down to the outlet would show).




Whenever we decide where the mirror will land for good we will definitely anchor the back to the wall with one of those cord anchors. This way if it were to tip it wouldn’t come crashing down on anyone. We definitely suggest putting these on any leaning mirrors or flat screen tvs if you have puppies with happy tails or kids.

This mirror cost me $16 and was definitely worth it! That’s a lot of mirror for my buck and I think it’s unique (wouldn’t it even be cute painted pink and put on the floor of a little girls room? Full length mirror for a little princess!)

I’ll be back tomorrow to show you the update we made to our phone shelf! I took one of the suggestions from the comments on that post so thank you to everyone who comments!

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