Chalk it up

I mentioned way back on this weekend that I was making myself a giant chalkboard.


I took an oversized piece of MDF board and cut it down to 4.5 feet by 3.5 feet then I gave the whole thing a thick coating of chalkboard paint. I just used a regular paint roller to do this and I went over it several times to make sure I had smooth and even coverage. I probably used half the can on this board.

The can says to let the paint cure for a few days before using so I waited patiently admiring my blank slate every morning when I left for work. Each night when I came home I gave her a glance and called out a soft “I’m coming back for you don’t you worry”…

A week later I had waited long enough. I brought home a box of chalk, and eraser, poured myself a glass of wine and set in on my chalkboard.


If you know about seasoning a chalk board, awesome, you can skip this part! For those of you that don’t here’s the scoop. You can’t just start drawing on a chalkboard or it will “ghost” aka your first drawing will be permanent. This is because chalk is porous and so chalk gets deep down in the crevices and you can’t get it back out. For this reason you have to completely cover your chalkboard with chalk, erase it all (pushing some chalk down into all the crevices evenly), and then when you write on it the whole thing is a level drawing plane. Make sense?



See how after it has that real chalkboard look? I wish I had taken a before photo of how dark the board was before…you can sort of tell around the edges in the top photo. Afterwards it should have more of a gray color instead of dark black.
Here is my finished project.


This took me a while and I savored every bit of it. It was therapy. Blake really likes the idea of a chalkboard because he says “it’s like interchangeable art”….in man code that probably just means we will save money (?) but I like to think it means he appreciates the arts and wants to fill our home with inspiring and wonderful pieces that enrich our lives daily…

I don’t think this is going to be a permanent home for our chalkboard because it sort of creates this big dark mass/vortex/hole in the living room. I had considered a mirror but then we have the big leaning mirror to the left (circa Christmas 2012)


The leaning mirror feels like it belongs and I’m not trying to make the living room feel like a carnival funhouse. You know?

I think I will create some other art piece to go here but something lighter and brighter. Or a huge vintage sign. Possibilities=endless.

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