Need just a little paint?

Saw this today on and thought I would share!


We use these samples for EVERYTHING. For $3 you can give a fun new look to things around the house..and now you get 2 for $3!! I’m going to snag a few in some fun spring/summer colors while this deal is going on!

(PS: speaking of fun spring/summer colors….have I ever told you about how I want to paint my black childhood poster bed coral or poppy red? That’s a project for this spring…)

3 thoughts on “Need just a little paint?

  1. Donna says:

    Okay, gonna comment now….cause you are just the most fun/refreshing blogger I read! (been reading you maybe a month now) Thanks for the Lowes paint sample sale info! I just got “Almost Charcoal” and “Apricot Ice”–sweet! (Got home and wish I’d gotten something other than the charcoal…oh well, it’ll still be fun to try.) And thanks for great pics of all your projects…and great stories about yourselves. I esp loved why you and Blake share Facebook page….You go girl! Take those steps to safeguard your marriage eaerly!! And Loved that God answered your prayers the day/night you were so stressed! Love, love, love that! HE’S the BEST BIG DADDY!

    • numbers and nails says:

      Donna, thank you so much for your comment! That’s just made our day šŸ™‚ it makes me so happy to know that people can find fun in our house with us. I know the color “almost charcoal”! I think you will find somewhere to love it! Can’t wait to see–let’s us know what you end up doing. Thank you again for the sweet comment and encouragement!

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