Trough Chic

Ok so anyone who has an animal to feed knows this “feeding zone” can cause a bit of an eyesore. Finley is a large dog. He doesn’t weigh much more than Lola but he is very tall. If you have a large dog it’s really suggested that you elevate their food bowls so they don’t end up having to do this:


When Finley was 3 or so months old we had to buy this:


Design nightmare right? I can’t even believe it’s taken me so long to do something about it. Anyways, so we had the elevated water and food dish for Fin and then we added Lola. Now, Lola definitely isn’t as tall. Finley can walk right over her sort of like this picture from Christmas Vacation haha:


Instead of buying another elevated feeding station we just found a second dog bowl and hers was on the floor. (it would seem that we are playing favorites but we really just knew we weren’t adding a whole other contraption so we did what we could with what we had) They make some really cute versions but we needed one with 3 spots and have yet to see anything like that.

FINALLY, we decided to do something about it and created a 3 bowl elevated station that is much prettier. Now instead of looking over there to the “trough” I see kitchen art. That makes me smile.

This was super easy to make! We picked up a board that fit the dimensions we needed (12” wide, 11” tall, 30” long), we cut it down, sanded the edges smooth, fit the 4 pieces together with finish nails, cut out the circles for the bowls, and stained.




So here is the before:


And here we are after:



The water bowl in the center is bigger which just seemed like a no brainer—we picked up that bowl at Petsmart for $5.


I have this thing about seeing dog stuff out but this does not bother me at all anymore!

Fin and Lola definitely approve!


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