Dark Hallway

We have a 1941 long and skinny hallway. It runs straight down the middle of the house and gets zero natural sunlight. To top it off there is only one light at the far end so for the most part the hallway is very dark.


We hung up these pictures to try and make it more “friendly” but actually hung them a bit too high.



Unfortunately for us it’s plaster so I’m procrastinating on that fix…ugh. Dear everyone, measure twice, hang once! When you let your 6’1” husband hang pictures he will think that measurement is way too low and hang them at his eye level. Drat. At least he hung them, right? Anyways, things look better. But lacking. I mean, how sexy is that mustard colored baseboard??? The previous owners must have played this fun game called paint roulette. And lost.

Here are my plans: paint everything south of the chair rail white and add picture frame molding. Like this:


This is going to transform the hallway.

The lighting is a lot more tricky. In a perfect world I would want sconces hung on the walls but there is just no way the benefit outweighs the cost of tearing out the plaster walls. Also, no benefit in completely tearing out the plaster ceiling…So, our fix is going to be (if all goes as planned) to fasten a white track from the one point of energy we do have down to the other end of the hall.

So like this but our lights will hang down:


On that track we will have 3 or 4 pendant lights hanging down. The look of those is completely undecided. Of course I want vintage Thomas Edison bulbs but for a light that will be used A LOT that’s just not that economical.

We are hoping to brighten this hallway up sooner rather than later so I’m very excited!

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Has anyone ever tackeled a long dark hallway? I would love to hear suggestions on how to creatively blend spots like this into the rest of the house!

17 thoughts on “Dark Hallway

  1. Donna says:

    Look forward to your “enlightened” hallway! I really like the example you showed of the track lighting…lights onto pics so nicely so no shadows on them–would be more “eclectic” than “true vintage”? And love today’s light fixture you got at Hab. I would have bartered w you for it in the store check-out line!–though I don’t know where I’d put it either–maybe on the screened -in back porch! Has a nice “airy” look to it. Oh, “Label Me” (By the way, I’m one of your Mom’s fellow-“boothers” at Finders Keepers!)

  2. Sara Goodson says:

    Command picture hangers are great….a little expensive, but worth the money if things don’t go right the first time. Love your blog! Sara Goodson

  3. Chris says:

    i also have a long dark hall have used a runner also and mirrors to throw the light with lights shining on them, i also have plaster Ahhhh, good work

    • numbers and nails says:

      Thank you! Mirrors work some amazing magic! We also had a runner here for a while but one of our sweet dogs kept mistaking it for her bed and things got a little to hairy for my liking. I’m looking for an indoor/outdoor runner we could possible use here!

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