swag light problems

I bought a weird lamp/light.

That’s right. I had one of those pick it up and put it in the cart in less than 1 second moments at Habitat last week. I’m not regretting it because none of the usual questions would have made a difference. This lamp was made for me and it was coming home with me.

My usual list for buying is:
1.Is it in my budget?
2.Do I know exactly where this will go (EXACTLY)?
3.Can I live without it?
4.What will Blake think of it?
5.Will I lose sleep over not buying it if I don’t take it home right now?

This lamp completely and utterly failed to meet criteria number 2.
1.Is it in my budget? …yes… sort of (?)…I mean, it is for a good light fixture
2.Do I know exactly where this will go (EXACTLY)? …No, not even a little bit b/c it’s a swag light fixture and we do not have any place to use that in our home.
3.Can I live without it? …NO.
4.What will Blake think of it? …He will obviously love it.
5.Will I lose sleep over not buying it if I don’t take it home right now? …Yes, I would definitely lose sleep and probably there would be a lot of pacing until the store opened again the next morning.

For those of you that think I decided for Blake on #4 see proof here:


Also, notice how I said up front I “needed to find a home for it”. I’m a no surprises type of girl.

Anyways, it’s neat. I had like 3 or 4 people come up to me in the store and say how neat it was and that just made the point of criteria #5 even more important.



So, we played the holding it in different places game for a while but it just didn’t look right anywhere (oh nooooo, right?) Ok and then I had the best idea ever! (It’s the best idea ever because I haven’t tried it yet and therefore it has not failed and works perfectly in my mind). When we redo the master bedroom I’m going to add a big chair and ottoman for reading watching the bachelor. Of course this chair would need a floor lamp like any good reading napping chair does. Insert good idea here:


Apparently maybe this isn’t the best idea or I would be able to find pictures and not have to do another one of my photobutchershop renditions. Or maybe it’s just that “swag light hung on plant hook” isn’t a common search phrase. I actually want to use one of those hooks that’s on a hinge so I could have the freedom to move the light if I needed. Whatever the case, you can picture it right?! We won’t be using this light for a while but I’m just so content knowing I have a unique staple piece with a determined home. Now all my criteria have been met.

Have any of you had to get creative with swag lights? Has anyone used the plant hook method? I did find this really cool idea where someone put them around their back fence and put solar powered lanterns on them…I definitely want to do this!


PS: if you like that hinged hook you see you can find it here. If you like that chair here is the website (probably $$$$$$). If you want to see more of the smarty that thought up those solar lanterns on the fence visit here. (those are dollar store items!)

PSS: there is still one more day to enter the giveaway! Just comment “label me” on this post.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Ooooh, great post, Katie! #2 on your check list causes me to eliminate many things. I am glad you still went with it. I love it! I am looking for those posts/shepherd hooks for several ideas. Let me know if you find any with stands that can sit on the patio and be moved around. (Label me!)

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