Let there be light!

We talked about this long dark hallway here.



And our only cost effective, sanity saving solution was track lighting. I ran by Habitat on my way home Friday and stumbled across so much track lighting it wasn’t even funny. I brought home about 12 feet of track I paid only $8 for. WIN! I was so excited about my find and couldn’t wait to show Blake!

Insert bursting of bubble here.


The track was not the kind of track Lowe’s sells anymore and 12 feet wasn’t enough. I was SO upset with myself for wasting that $8 but lesson learned: always check Habitat first because they may have the perfect item. AND, had we not needed 16 feet it would have been perfect!

Ok, so after mourning my $8 mistake we headed to Lowes to get what we really needed. Our shopping list was:

    16 feet of track
    A live end power source (this connects into the ceiling where the old fixture was)
    A connector piece (because they don’t make a 16ft piece)
    Light fixtures

Blake: “what do you think about getting black instead of white?”
Me: “whhhattttttt….that will stick out like a sore thumb against our white ceilings”
Blake: “yeah but white feels like we are trying to cover it up. Like it’s from the 80s and we don’t want people to notice”
Me: “I see what you mean….black does seem a little more….on purpose…”

So we went with the black track. Then, my idea of pendant lights went out the window when Blake said “how about these black spotlights”

I fretted… a little. Blake asked me 4 times before we checked out if I was definitely happy with black vs. white. I suppose the look of horror on my face was obvious.

This was outside my box. I was not prepared to think about a giant black track with these hefty spotlights going down our little hallway. However, Blake is usually right. I’ve told you all before. When he does have an opinion….I listen and I’m always glad I did later. This is no different.

Here is the before once again:


Here is the after:



Pictures really don’t do this hallway justice. It’s so warm, and inviting, and wonderful. It feels like such a lived in part of our home.

I love the spotlights. They are heavy and chunky and really look like I could find them at Pottery Barn.


Notice in that picture how crooked that part of the ceiling where the stairs turn is. We started out with an inch to spare and ended with not even an eighth of an inch to spare. LUCKY.

We love that now when you walk down this hall you can actually see the framed photographs on the wall!



We may or may not be a little obsessed with track lighting now. I mean, just a few more tracks and some corner turns and we could have a big train track of light running all around the first floor. kidding…kidding…. but we do love it!

Now that things are bright we have definitely noticed how badly this hallway needs some TLC. We look forward to sharing the picture frame molding addition and our refinishing of the doors. Until then, it’s back to the numbers!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

11 thoughts on “Let there be light!

  1. DiAnne says:

    I love Forrest’s photographs have a sweet place in your home. He would love that you love them enough to hang them there.

  2. Leslie says:

    Awww….I knew those were Forrest’s pictures at first glance. We have several in our home and it always makes me think of him. He would love that!

  3. Donna says:

    YES! I love that you went with the track lighting and spot lights! Looks great…yes, makes your hallway very warm and cozy and smart! Makes you not want to run thru but stop and look. I wonder if you might try turning the last light (or is it the first)–the one at the door, to shine onto the door a little? Looking down the hall, that door looks dark. But then it might take light off the framed piece there…. Hope you don’t mind my suggesting that…. Ya’ll did good!

  4. Heather Norton says:

    Love this – I have a similar hall in my house and you have my mind racing with ideas. Just a couple more weeks before I can dedicate more time to living and less time to working!

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