fake it til you make it!

So I’m back today with a little update to our spring mantle and the story of my fake terrarium. My mom helped me redo our mantle for spring here and we had another little tweak to make that involved thrift store Christmas and a free paint sample.

I was gifted these tall skinny-mini candlesticks for Christmas this year and they have actually been residing in our fireplace ever since.

008 (2)

(Side note about thrift Christmas: you are allowed to redo, resell, regift, do whatever you want with your gift no questions asked or feelings hurt) so, we were “springing up” the mantle and I remembered these dainty little candlesticks and thought they would be perfect with our theme!

Then even better I remembered I had bought two paint samples and one of them worked perfectly with our Easter themed garland!

009 (2)

Aren’t they cute! And I love that I can really paint them whatever color I want to just keep fitting in with the décor!



Okay, onto the second part of this story. I’ve always loved succulent terrariums but I’ve always admired from afar because let’s face it…I have a black thumb. When we moved I found this fishbowl from who knows when….(I have a black thumb when it comes to fish too….) Anyways, it’s been in the back of my mind that I want to make use of that bowl and give a terrarium a try I have just been afraid to buy the plants because it actually feels like lighting money on fire. While my mom and I were running around Hobby Lobby I saw that the plastic succulents were 50% off. Umm…yes, please! (Y’all I am just not above using fake flowers. You know the saying “fake it til you make it”? I live it)


I picked up some sand from World Market and just shoved it all down in the bowl together.




It’s growing on me. I know it needs help. Maybe some rocks or something?….or one of the plants maybe needs to go? Either way, I’m quite pleased with myself that I can finally stop coveting succulent terrariums in pictures and look at mine knowing I can never kill it.

Speaking of fake flowers my Mom told me if it’s Spring I need to have forsythia somewhere in the house. So we bought a fake branch of that to stick on the desk.


It really does add a little magic to the room! See that giant branch leaning there? That’s a wine rack that Blake and I made out of a branch we found in the park! This has reminded me that I’ll have to post about that—it really was pretty easy to make and has been a great conversation piece (we haven’t hung it yet in the new house because it weighs a lot and we have plaster and well you know….we would hate to make a wall crumble over it…)

Hope everyone has had a great week! Anyone else springing up their home lately? We would love to hear some cool ideas!

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  1. Kathy says:

    Those look so real! I am going to have to do this….maybe under my cloches. I need to get to Hobby Lobby soon! I am glad you and your mom had some time together during your busy season. Love you and miss you!

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