Mixing Paint

I talked about how we wanted to make over our long dark hallway here and how we added track lighting here. Now that the hallway is bright I noticed just how bad the paint job was. Dark beige is a fine color, it’s just not my favorite color in a long dark hallway. I came home Friday with the intention of getting a gallon of “Hotel St. Francis Clay Angel” from the National Preservation list of paint colors. I was looking through the cans of paint we had/inherited from the previous owners I found an unopened can of paint called “down comforter”. What a dreamy paint color! I opened it, stirred for what felt like 15 minutes straight and tested it out in a few areas. YELLOW.


And let me just show you how yellow when it’s put on a white wall.


BAM. I actually considered having a bright yellow hallway for a few minutes and then I talked myself back down from that cliff idea. I loaded up my paint can and headed to Lowes hoping they could retint my paint for me. It took a good 10 minutes and some persuasion by another customer before the paint mixer would even try. He was afraid he would be liable if I didn’t like the color. (understandable) I explained that I was just trying to salvage what I had and if I couldn’t find a use that the paint would just go to waste. The gentleman who helped me persuade the Lowes employee was a man in his late 70s there to pick up a little paint sample for his wife sweet He said “I’ve got to see how this turns out” so while we waited on my paint he told me everything he knows about old houses.

The paint guy came back and had added 6 drops of black to my paint and it was definitely closer but still looked more like lime green than my sand color. He said “we could stay here all night and dump this and that into it and we probably won’t get your color”. It was a busy Friday night and I felt bad to keep pestering so I shook hands with my new friends and returned home.

Once home I decided to mix it myself. I wasn’t going to give up on this gallon of paint.




FINALLY after mixing in some gray and pink and tan we had my color. Pink was the real winner on getting the color I wanted.


Blake and I were both shocked that we finally got to within a hair of the original color I had planned to spend $34 to have mixed.

I painted everything above the chair rail in our new color Blake coined “the kitchen sink”.


We have been working on finishing the bottom half and I can’t wait to share. I think it’s going to be great! We love this new color. It’s not a massive change but it feels more polished, cleaner, and brighter and that was the overall goal of the long dark hallway makeover.

Mixing our paint color really wasn’t hard at all and the best part about it is that it was free!

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  1. Kathy says:

    I had to do this not long ago to match the paint on a dorm wall. It had way too many holes that we had to fill and paint over….in order to get the deposit back. It is a good feeling when you can get the color you want. I love your new color and I also love that you do not want to buy “new” when you can use what you have.

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