Long dark hallway makeover

Long dark hallway no more! Blake was a good man and finished this project for us yesterday (love him).

Let’s jump right in. Everyone remembers our sassy mustard baseboards….


Until we painted these I never realized just how much the mustard blended into the floor and made the walls feel shorter. I primed our baseboards with KILZ just to make sure we had a blank canvas for our high gloss white.



Already better right? Right.

Next we framed out our moulding (I think I’ve maybe been spelling that wrong…) Anyways, we mapped out how much we would need to buy and then had to figure out how many pieces we could get out of one 8ft length (it’s important to calculate waste and make the most of one piece). As Blake made the cuts we crossed them off on here to keep track of everything we had.


I went with 3” from the wall and 5” in between boxes. I have no clue what the “official” measurements should be but that’s what felt right to our eyes.

Once we had these cut we fit them onto the wall. We lined the back of each piece with liquid nails and then held it in place with tape. We started with the top, added a side at a time and finally the bottom. Once each place was held with tape we put a nail into each end.



NOTE: THIS WAS AWFUL. We don’t own a nail gun and putting these tiny finishing brads into plaster resulted in about 6 bent brads for every 1 successful one. We were about to give up and wait until we had a nail gun but then we realized we could pre-drill just a tiny bit into the plaster and then drive the brad in easy peasy.

We attached all the frames to the wall on Saturday and then Sunday I was hit with the cold bug so Blake worked magic and I woke up and now I have this treasure in the hallway #besthusbandever #husbandjackpot

Wait wait wait…..let’s take a trip down memory lane so we can fully appreciate how far we’ve come.



Ok now.




We haven’t put the pictures back up because I’m still considering my options on exactly what I want here.

We are in love. Sometimes I sit in the hallway and just stare.

11 thoughts on “Long dark hallway makeover

  1. Kathy says:

    I hit the nail on the head when I said you won the husband lottery/jackpot. (And, what I just typed was so fitting as well…. for numbers and nails!) This looks awesome, guys!

  2. Farrell says:

    Looks great! Where did you guys get your picture frame moulding? I’ve been wanting to do the same thing in our dining room.

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