Water it on Sundays

I was in Lowes last weekend and spent a good 45 minutes in the “tropical” plant section pulling out the giant trees plants and looking all of them over. I googled about the life expectancies of each one and what kind of care they need. I feel like people probably thought I was nuts. I really think I pulled out every plant and then stepped back from it just trying to picture it in our house. A plant audition if you will…

I’m not sure what brought on my wanting an actual live plant in my house but here we are:


I was really nervous all the way up to the cash register and then the lady behind me said “that thing will live for at least 10 years”. (hahaha I thought she doesn’t know me) but really, she said “don’t water it too much…I only watered mine on Sundays right after church”. That was the sweetest plant advice I’d ever heard. She told me to clean the leaves when I got home, put it in the sun, and water it on Sundays. This I could handle.



It’s a white bird of paradise plant and I’m pretty smitten. Now I walk through the living room on purpose just to see her.

3 thoughts on “Water it on Sundays

  1. R Everleigh says:

    Katie, I have had two of these plants, and managed to killl the first one.  The second one is barely hanging on. I’m known to have a green thumb like Grandma Crisp did.  Jeanne, on the other hand, forgets to water her plants.  Her first bird of paradise is very green and growing.  The light is key – too much water is not good.  I’m betting you will have the plant adjust to you!  Good Luck.  Love, Aunt Fran

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