Go out on a limb

We were taking a family stroll in the park one day when Finley locked in on a branch that had fallen out of a tree in a recent storm. This one was too heavy for him but really a beautiful branch. It had a wishbone shape and was thick and sturdy. I carried it home not totally certain what to do with it but I’ll hang just about anything on the wall. I thought at the very least it could just be a conversation piece… (?)

Once home I cleaned it up and gave it a coat of dark stain just to kick things up a notch. Finally after some sole searching I decided this thing could be a wine bottle holder. I had my carpenter husband hollow out the holes with a butterfly bit slightly bigger than the top of a bottle. You want to drill down at an angle so the bottles slant down and don’t slide out. We drilled smaller holes in the back that hooked onto anchors in the wall.
This thing has worked so well! And was completely free! And it’s like art 🙂 win.

from iphone 1826


(ps this is our old house)

Have you ever repurposed something you found outside?

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