Everything’s bolder in Texas

you know what they say…..

So I’m in Houston, TX this week. I love it. It’s warm and sunny and balmy and it feels like vacation.

First off, this hotel is bold. It’s amazing. I feel inspired about it.

Check out this crazy blue wingback chair! LOVE IT. i know, right? ok but the best part is the blue velvet ottoman. y’all velvet is like unlacquered brass to me. yum.


See desk chair. uh-mazing. it’s so much more fun than the standard black leather chairs.


I’m so sold on this red chair. It’s my favorite thing in my room and I wish I could take it home with me (but should I get it in green????)


Lastly, I’ve been inspired by this king bed. We obviously have been under-pillowing our bed. (insert husband shaking head furiously here). but really….doesn’t the third row make it look so much better?? it’s happening.


I’ll leave you with these boots. It is Texas right?


they remind me of these chairs.


which reminds me of what heaven will look like….? i think so.

2 thoughts on “Everything’s bolder in Texas

  1. DiAnne says:

    Love the bold. The only trouble with a bed like that is you need to make it up every day and make it all crisp looking . Very pretty though!

  2. Carol Schutte says:

    Tom would agree with Blake…he thinks it takes to long to get in bed…I pay no attention since I put them on in the a.m. he can take them off in the p.m…only fair.

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