I have a rule

…and I broke it.

You see, I love second hand stores but I also have a crazy deep fear of anything fabric from a second hand store. I mean I think I just have these pictures in my head of creepy crawlies.

Our master bedroom renovation calls for a chair and a half. I don’t know if you’ve checked out the going rate for a chair and a half lately but it’s not cute.


Imagine our surprise Saturday when we were strolling through Habitat and we saw two sofas and a chair and a half that had been dropped off by Ashley Furniture and Haverty’s Furniture. We noticed they looked like they were BRAND NEW. (tell tale sign would be to look under the cushions. You see crumbs and pennies….used. You see absolutely nothing and everything looks clean and crisp…good sign.

This chair and a half came with a matching love seat that had this discolored spot on the back. The other couch was BEAUTIFUL but had an ink stain in one place. We decided these were either floor models or just damaged goods that the furniture stores couldn’t sell. As far as we could tell the chair and a half was just an accessory to the love seat crimes and Habitat split them up for better sales.

GAME ON. We brought home this chair and a half for $100. That’s at least $300 back in our pocket.


Now, I still had to go through a cleaning regimen before I was ok calling this chair a part of the family. Just for good measure I gave the chair a once over with a bug spray. I did this on a plastic sheet because I wanted to see if I saw anything at all moving as this went on. Nada. Next treatment is this scotchgard upholstery cleaner. It cleans but also leaves behind the scotchgard treatment for any future spills, etc.


I’m not going to make a habit out of buying upholstered furniture second hand but this goes to show you that if you keep your eyes open you may find exactly what you have been looking for! We are still figuring out where this chair will live until we do the renovation but you know we’ll keep you posted!

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