I’m about to get real cheap on y’all…

You know how I talked about how the prices of chair and a halfs are not cute? Well, let me tell you what prices really fell out of the ugly tree and hit all the branches on the way down. ORB CHANDELIERS. You see, I’ve become rather fixated on hanging one of these fixtures above the stairs. Unfortunately for me my white bird of paradise plant hasn’t started growing money yet and it doesn’t look like Finley and Lola are going to get jobs anytime soon… So, I’ve resorted to attempting to do this myself.


Here is how this natural progression happens. I google what I’m looking for, faint over the price, switch back to google images and start counting the components in what I want. (People this is like cooking…4 ingredients or less and I can go for it… 5+ and we are getting takeout) Lucky for me an orb fixture looks like a light kit and a bunch of circles from whatever medium you choose.





Blake says “how will you make sure it’s the perfect shape?” ….oh Blake! I will of course build it around a yoga ball and then pop the ball. DUHZ. I quickly pumped the brakes on reveling in my genius when I happened across one of the more brilliant ideas I’ve ever seen on the internet.

This person made this for $10!!


How you might ask? Oh just with two plant hanging baskets around the fixture she already had.


with fixture

Isn’t that clever? This link will give you all the details!

I don’t have time to get into this tonight but it’s happening. I’m not sure if I’m going to use the hanging basket method (I would have to find some huge baskets to get the scale I want), rope method, or some sort of wire/metal method. I’ve decided after looking at how these are assembled that it cannot be THAT hard to fashion one of these things together. *famous last words*

Oh and while I was looking I saw this birdcage surround one…


I have a birdcage and I’m not afraid to use it.

If your bird of paradise plant has started producing currency and you would rather just buy one of these beautiful fixtures here are the sources:
1-one with jewel hanging from bottom
2-thin wire one
3-thick iron one
4-one made of rope
5-birdcage fixture

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