Hebrews 3:4

Wowza, what a week. First off, Happy Easter from the Howard’s!


Now, excuse me while I ramble on and recap the events of our week.

I left off here talking about how I was going to create my own light fixture. Well, I have found the light fixture at habitat and robbed the insides:



Blake and I went on an inspiration trip to Lowe’s looking for anything circular. It’s sort of amazing how many things are circular. Before we even parked the car I had landed my eyes on some tomato plant wire cages. We found some moulding that was pretty flexible.


And it was all fun and games until that broke into a gazillion pieces….whoops. Clean up on aisle 13.


Anyways, I have nothing to report on the progress of this. A) because I haven’t felt inspired enough to B) now I’m second guessing the material I bought. Rule #1 of DIY. Don’t force it.

Other things that have been going on include my Easter basket from Blake. This sweet little pot of baby ivy (it’s so charming in this window)


And this can of stripper which I am SO excited about.


Side note: I was catching an old episode of my favorite DIY television show “Rehab Addict” and Nicole was using this very same spray stripper. She has the same respirator I do and talked about how important it is you get the filters for chemicals. I’m so glad I caught this rerun! The pads these respirators come with are for dust only and will not protect you from chemical vapors. Make sure you have the correct protection for this stuff it is seriously nothing to mess around with!

We hung pictures back up in our finished hallway—at a much better height I may add.



And we found these sweet little portraits of dogs. We couldn’t resist given we have a black and white dog.


Our new chair and a half moved in next to the white bird of paradise and they are getting along nicely so far. This chair is sooo comfortable.


I follow Emily Henderson on instagram and she posted a picture of this toilet paper holder she saw in London. Sigh. This is amazing. I love when people take such a mundane object and turn it into a work of art. It’s just so thoughtful.


I saw a flashforward of my future while we were in Lowes the other day.


They had to be in their 80s and were just So.stinking.sweet.

And finally, the other day as I was reading around in Hebrews I stumbled upon this verse.


It’s such a great reminder that we can spend a lifetime making our home exactly how we want it and to make it beautiful but it’s so important to never lose sight of what’s really important. Let it be fun…not an obsession. Just ENJOY. Things break, things get stained, stuff happens. Bottom line….love your memories…not your stuff.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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  1. Kathy says:

    Another great post! I love how your hallway looks with your art in the black frames and your new moldings. I love those dog prints, the toliet paper holder, and the photo of the older couple but most of all I loved your last paragraph. You know what is important!

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