out with the railing, in with the wall

Greetings from Indiana! I’m here this week for work and will be back tomorrow with a post about the hotel we are staying in…it’s so inspiring!

Anyways, I wanted to chat about an update Blake and I have had on the to-do list since we moved in (for safety reasons) but we still haven’t gotten to. I’m thankful we’ve been putting it off because waiting let us come up with a better more cost effective design!

This is the railing in the upstairs “foyer” I like to call it.




I have no idea if this railing is original or not but it’s certainly special. It may not be obvious from the picture but it is SHORT. This railing comes up to mid-thigh on me so it would be very easy to topple over. Also a decent size toddler could walk right through it. Things are definitely not up to code. When we moved in we put it on the to-do list but not anywhere near the top because we don’t have kids so it’s not really a concern. Lately, it’s just become a plain eyesore. I measured and priced out how much it would cost to redo the railing and that landed us in the $400 price range. Ouch.

One night I was just walking by the railing and I thought…why not just put in a knee wall?? Blake and I both had that kicking yourself for not thinking of that earlier moment…

I googled some pictures of ideas we are tossing around and this is going to be MUCH more cost effective as all we really need to do is attach some drywall to what’s there and build it up a few inches.





I’m pretty excited about this because I really think it’s going to make a big impact! Have any of you replaced railing with a wall? How did it turn out?

picture frame moulding
one with tan wall
one with green

2 thoughts on “out with the railing, in with the wall

  1. DiAnne says:

    Hummmm I like both. I think a railing would be great there because it gives an open airy feel and let’s light filter down those stairs. I also like the wall idea because it opens the door to several possibilities. Will be interesting to see what you two come up with a after thinking on it a bit.

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