Post & Gray…and sprinkles.

I have a new place that may be, visually, one of my favorite stores ever. It’s the kind of place where you walk in and you just say out loud “YUMMMMM”. The kind of moment where your senses get all tongue tied and you aren’t sure if you want to eat everything you see or not? Because it looks like an ice cream sundae with sprinkles and smells like brand new furniture. Yes, hi, that’s me, I inhale home goods….

Anyways, this place is in Charlotte (though I hear they have an Asheville location in Biltmore Station????). I’ve been driving past this place for a long time and it has had me interested just by the look but it was never open when I drove by so I figured it was some sort of VIP, swanky interior decorator hangout where you had to be Martha Stewart or Emily Henderson to enter. I finally had a total duh moment and realized google existed so I found out the hours were from 10-5 (this is why I never saw it open) and it’s actually the most fabulous place on earth.

These images are just from their website so you can hop on over there and see everything but let me give you a quick tour.











See what I mean about the sensory mix up? It’s amazing. Sprinkles everywhere.

Ok, so I did pop in there for a bit because I needed to know if this was just so far out of my price range I should forget about it. There was a huge range of prices! Some of the custom made furniture (upholstered headboards, dining stools, etc) was expensive…but those are just always expensive so whatever. The coolest custom light fixtures were in the $125 range so I thought that was fair given you would be paying for someone’s creative genius. The rugs were the most impressive thing. They were around the $220 price point for a big (8ish by 10ish) rug of the bright color, geometric pattern variety that everyone wants so badly. This was definitely a great discovery and I hope to visit again. It’s definitely a go to shop if you just need that one, unique, staple piece!

I only took one picture while I was there and this was just something I had never seen before….


It’s an old dental cart. Isn’t that cool? It was $115. I don’t like going to the dentist but I’m actually looking forward to my next trip because maybe I can be all like “oh heyyyy **flashing my big clean teeth** how often do you replace those carts there?” and they can be all like “oh girl we were getting rid of this today do you want it?”….that’s probably exactly how that will go down.

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