Weekend Recap

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA this week. Time gets away from me and I’m not even sure how but I mean I think I was mentally preparing myself for a week off of work. Also, I’m not even sure why I feel the need to make an excuse. You are reading a blog in which one CPA is married to another and it is April 14th…

So, first off, we hired trugreen to work their magic on our weeds. You see, we don’t even really have grass we just have green weeds which generally, in my book, is grass if you cut it all the same length. That theory doesn’t hold up on this block. Every house has a perfectly manicured lawn with hardly any weeds and here we are:


Still being a total eyesore about it.

Anyways, it’s been a week and whatever they sprayed is working. We are definitely seeing our entire yard die.



Normally your grass would stay alive but you know since we don’t have any that’s not happening for us. We were told it would take several seasons to get our grass on par with the rest of the street. Super.

We hung this giant mirror we picked up at auction a long time ago for $17. It’s pretty fabulous. Our living room looks twice as big!


Saturday we went to habitat to look for a door we could use to make a half door/gate situation such as this one shown at apartment therapy:


We have carpeted stairs so I like to keep the dogs off those. I also just feel better in general if I know they aren’t “exploring” upstairs unsupervised.

Speaking of dogs… Lola has taken refuge under the white bird of paradise (still alive!!).


I think she feels like a lioness in the jungle. Because she is a cat. No really….we think she is.


This is definitely Finley on the dog side and 50% Lola on the cat side (I don’t actually think she wants to kill us but I do think she believes she is a prisoner). We still love her though.

Oh—how about I bought this sign the other day which I really let go to my head….




Oh my word. It’s so bad. I fully understand why people charge so much to do this. One thing is for sure…what’s there now must go. I’m not giving up I’m just saying maybe I can give this to myself as a Christmas present it’s going to take so long. I did get really excited today when I found a bag taped to the inside of the chair…I thought maybe it would be a thousand dollars which would obviously be a sign from our so loving God that he wanted me to take it to a professional. Instead it was just a detailed description from the makers of the chair. Cool but not pay for itself cool.

Here is how far I got…UGH.


Anyways, here’s the fabric. Love.


Blake changed his brake pads on Saturday.


That’s always fun to watch him work on his car. I’m so impressed by it. Maybe because I know absolutely nothing about cars and it seems like brain surgery to me. Other things that are brain surgery are…reupholstering chairs.

Alas, nothing beats a good chair. Everyone has one. That one chair that seeks you out when you get home from work. Your thinking chair. Sleeping chair. Watching tv chair. Reading chair. You know…THE chair. Speaking of chairs…I snatched up this little greeting card at a thrift store and put it into one of those magnet picture holder things for the fridge.


Oh and that to the right of it is a wedding invitation. Isn’t that beautiful!?! It’s about time someone added some color to those things!

Blake and I have the week off (for the most part) so we hope to accomplish some of those little nagging projects we’ve had on the list for a while. Unfortunately for Blake the pollen has completely taken over his world and forced us to bring this into the house.


I’ve got major issues with this. Like. MAJOR. I’m certain if I was forced to use this I would think I was being killed. This lets me know how desperate one must be…and I feel for you allergy victims of the world. I do.

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