Vacation and Vets

Wow I can’t believe I let a week go by without posting. I guess that’s what staying away from my computer results in.

Blake and I had the week off which was great. We ended up having to work a little but at least not having to get up early and put dress clothes on was still vacation. We were able to walk downtown and each lunch together which was just the best. We got in the yearly doctors appointments, did laundry, and watched almost 2 seasons of lost. Yeah, I don’t even feel a little bit ashamed of watching tv for 5 hours on a bright sunny day. That’s what staycations are all about.

It started out with starbucks in my bed thanks to my wonderful husband and the most recent issue of hgtv magazine. I think that’s what all mornings in heaven probably start like.


I saw this picture in the magazine and about spit my coffee out on it.


Whaaaaa anyone recognize this fixture?? Oh click this link and prepare to have your mind refreshed with this sweet habitat find. It’s not exactly the same but it has to have been dreamed up by the same mind. Now that I know this is a semi wide spread thing I need to understand the history of this. Who designed it…where…when, etc.

Blake’s childhood dog, Samson, stayed with us for the week. He was 14 and had some medical problems that were taking their toll and were only going to get worse. Deciding when is the right time to let a dog go I’m sure Blake would tell you is one of the toughest decisions ever to be made. It’s easy to know that a dog shouldn’t suffer, and it’s easy to know when a dog has had a long and full life, seen lots of things, had lots of love, had lots of wags and belly rubs. It’s not easy to decide what will be the last nap in the sun, the last belly rub, the last walk. That’s tough stuff. That’s heavy.


Yesterday sweet Samson went on to doggy heaven. We made little plaster imprints of this paws while he had his favorite meal of salisbury steak and macaroni and cheese. It was a really sad day here but we know Samson is ok now. He isn’t in pain anymore and he can see and hear again.

We took our Lola Belle to the vet this week in honor of Samson. We realized we haven’t always had control of how she was maintained and how healthy she is.


We wanted to be fair to her and get her a proper checkup while there is still time to do preventative care. Her prognosis was that her teeth are awful and we need to get them professionally cleaned soon. We also were told she is “overweight, if not obese…” we feel certain Lola heard the vet say that about her because ever since then she has been eating only about half of her food. Bless her…bikini season stress takes its toll.

I have an exciting challenge I’m doing that I will be sharing with all of you. I’m doing a 30 day no home improvement store but still home improvement challenge. For 30 days I will continue to do projects around the house using ONLY the things we have. I’m doing this because I want to save money for a larger project and more importantly because there are a thousand little things that need to be done around here that tend to get over looked by something new and flashy. Things that will fall into my 30 day challenge include detail cleaning, painting, crafts, etc. I’m going to do my best to update each day on my challenge…some may be long…some may be short. Basically the short name for this challenge is called STOP PUTTING OFF THE DETAILS AND CLEAN UP THE BASEMENT.

I’ll be back tomorrow with my first challenge post! And the next day and the next. No more abandoning the blog!

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