“Be Free” Challenge Day 1

I’ve decided to call my 30 day challenge the “BE FREE” challenge. This means the projects are free and I’m a firm believer that cleaning up the details can actually set you free, mentally 🙂

It’s only been one day and I honestly feel less overwhelmed at things that need to be done around here. For a month straight I’m putting my wants and dreams on hold and taking care of what I have. I really want to take this time to count my blessings and be thankful for what I have. I really do think it’s going to be great and maybe I’ll make it a bi-annual thing!

So, without further ado, here is my day 1 project.

Let me introduce you to the landing going to the basement aka HAM. HAM is a little term I like to use to describe something that is a hot a$$ mess. excuse my French but that’s just what some things are.

So, here we are before:

mess before

And up close (sorry it’s a bit out of focus)….I mean, was I trying to vertically hoard or what??


So I took everything off so I could really see the space I’m working with. Wow to myself look at all that space I gained!


I thought it was just a bit too white so I grabbed one of my free paint sample colors and went to town. This probably took a fourth of the paint sample and 10 minutes.


Then I carefully put back only the things that should be in this area…from the before pictures you can probably deduce this was only about 3 things and then wouldn’t you know it I actually had room for other things that should belong in this spot! My mom always says “make sure everything you have has its own place”…such good advice!



This is going to be a much happier spot to come home to…it is in fact the first part of the living space I see when I arrive home (besides the basement but for that I just close my eyes and pretend the mess isn’t there as I feel my way to the stairs…I’ll get there!)

I hope everyone had a happy Monday!

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