“Be Free” Challenge Day 2!

Today I decided I was going to do something about this mosquito harvest I have going on in the corner of the back patio. You see, I found these glass jugs in a closet in the basement probably 3 months ago and I put them outside with the best intentions of letting them “dry out”….in the winter. I know, I know my plan was flawed. The thing is that I’m afraid of the closet I found these in in the basement. It’s weird and dark and has a dirt floor and I get scared even looking at the door. So of course I touched these jugs with a 10 foot pole and moved them to the outside until I could figure out what to do.


I brought them in and gave them an old fashioned sink bath. Water and soap wasn’t getting the job done though. I broke out a brillo pad to help tackle the decades of crud.


One problem…brillo can’t reach the inside… The best plan I could come up with on my own was to dump some bar keepers friend in there and let it soak for a while and maybe break up the gunk (which according to the internet could be any number of things). This semi worked. In an I’m impatient and let that sit for 10 minutes kind of way.


The amber jug plainly says “Duraglas” around the bottom.


I looked this up and found that these jugs were containers from anything to the syrup that went in coca cola to whiskey to some sort of veterinary supplies or cleaning supplies. No label, no luck. It does have brown sticky stuff in the bottom though so my money is on the coca cola syrup. Except for…I once learned in a chemistry class that liquids are put in brown bottles for a purpose…for example hydrogen peroxide will always be in a brown bottle because light causes it to oxidize and have a reduction reaction. BOOYAH high school chemistry! Maybe this bottle was used to hold something very important. I’ll go with that.

The other two are clear and only one has a cap (badly rusted). I did a little homework and found that even though these don’t say “duraglas” like the amber one I can tell one of the clean ones is because of the markings on the bottom.

Duraglas isn’t really a brand of glass jugs but rather a process. It was applied to jugs produced by the Owens-Illinois Glass Company. When the surface of the glass was still hot it was sprayed with with a stannic chloride vapor that bonded the outer surface creating a scratch resistant surface.


The brown bottle was most likely made in 1949 or 1939 (see 9 to the right of the emblem). It wasn’t until the 1950s that they started using two digit year numbers because they realized every 10 years the numbers would repeat. The diamond and circle with “I” inside also puts this bottle around that time frame.


This clear one has just an “I” inside a circle. The company moved to this more simple design between 1954 and 1959. We can see here that this glass bottle was made in 1978 because of the two digit year stamp to the right of the “I” emblem.

If I understood the reading correctly they stamped “duraglas” on there through the 50s and while the process is still performed today they don’t use the logo anymore (hence my clear jug not having the stamp)

I don’t know what the other jug is yet but I’ll figure it out eventually. It has this stamp on the bottom.


Clearly not the same deal…

Anyways, I got my info from this site: Historic Glass Bottle Identification & Information Website Now I know you can’t believe everything you read on the internet but I doubt there is someone out there pouring this much false knowledge into glass jugs…

I’m not sure what I’m going to do. Of course I checked ebay for the going rate of 3 glass jugs I don’t need but they aren’t really a collector’s item. I thought about doing this to one if I could get enough comfort in the cleanliness….


I think it would be cute for grilling out. I also just love what that site says “to celebrate our tap water” …we really should do that shouldn’t we? What a luxury to just go twist a faucet and have clean water.

I also thought about painting but I don’t think I can bring myself to. I thought they might be cute numbered or I really like this site’s white with gold stoppers look.

white with gold

Things to ponder…. Until then they have a nice home now on our laundry shelf! And the corner of the patio no longer has stagnant water collectors! WIN.


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