“Be Free” Challenge Day 3 & 4!

If I wasn’t titling these all the same I would definitely title Day 3 “HO HO NO”

If you are a CPA or you know a CPA you know we go under our rocks in January and come back up when the flowers do. Day 3 just consisted of a little de-Christmasing. Our front door rarely gets used and so of course I just let this Christmas candy hang out there until now. Out of site out of mind belly.


The Christmas lights I had in this terrarium/green house/white metal glass thing have been dead for 3 months.


I actually really liked having the light in here…it’s sort of like a lamp so I just decided to replace them. Of course I found a box of Christmas lights on day 1 of my be free challenge and of course they were in the right place now so I grabbed those. Unfortunately they aren’t white like the last ones so they don’t blend as well.



Oh well…it’s work with what you have month so for now they will just lay in here blending with the green trunk. I actually like it. Effortless mood light.

Ok, so onto Day 4. I have finally painted that brass chandelier I picked up a couple of weeks ago. And in the spirit of not buying a thing I settled on gray. (it’s actually just gray primer)


I love it. It’s so understated. I’ll share a pic when we finally hang it (one day at a time, right?)


I love that picture. It so perfectly captures my favorite things. I love those two.

Oh and where is Lola you ask?


Still don’t see her? Let me zoom in for you.


See…she is a cat.

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  1. DiAnne says:

    A big ole container with flowers in it would be great on that stump in the backyard. Just a thought, maybe after Be Free 30

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