“Be Free” Challenge days 5 & 6

As much as I loved my spring/Eastermantle it was time to put the Easter egg garland away. I decided to leave my “flower market” sign because I think that will work through August. All I did was take out the garland and put up some flowers where the old Easter items were.




We finally installed the glorified baby gate to keep the dogs from going upstairs! I showed you guys the inspiration for this in this post. I love this addition because it feels like it’s part of the house! I think when we do have kids I’ll consider doing this anywhere we would typically put a baby gate (but with a trickier door knob). We picked up the door a while back from habitat and also picked up the door handles from there (they were brass but I painted).




Because we got a cheap door it was hollow so when we cut it open we realized we needed to put a filler in. We just happened to have a piece of scrap wood the exact width. LUCKY.



Blake did the install of this so I can’t take all of the credit but I’m so glad it moved from the basement to its home!! It still needs to be painted. We decided we will just take it off and take the handles off and spray it. However, we don’t have the right paint now so it will have to wait. It’s still white but you know we want it to be the same white as the walls so that will be a touch up for later.



This challenge has been amazing. Seriously. I thought it would just be annoying to want to do things and not be able to but I actually feel a lot less stressed. You can’t get overwhelmed when you don’t even think about projects you don’t have the resources for. It also makes me happy to know that when we eventually do a project we spend money on we are putting icing on the cake….not adding to the disaster. I’m such a dreamer it’s not even funny. I can walk into a room and my mind goes wild with what the potential could be. This challenge is good because it slows me down. I’m enjoying this stage of the house and I want to remember that. 25 years from now I want to remember where we were right now, at 26.

PS: we hauled off something to the recycling center today and right there next to all the recycled paint was a punching bag. It looked like it was still in perfectly good condition and still had the chain attached. It’s a 100lb Everlast bag and best I can tell from the internet around a $80-100 value! Blake and I asked the guys working there and no one wanted it so we brought it home. Neither of us have ever used a punching bag before but with a home gym on the 25 year to do list it can’t hurt! Guess you can officially call us dumpster divers!

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